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  • The Big Hurt Released

    What's next for the Big Hurt? And does this mean Toronto will pursue Barry Bonds?

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    Hope the Mets pick him up.


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      With the way Thomas left, I'd say he would take a smaller contract in AL East team to try and hammer the Jays. And no, Barry Bonds is not coming to Toronto.


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        What position did he play before DH-ing


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          Originally posted by NJMetfan4life View Post
          What position did he play before DH-ing
          first baseman
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            Thomas won't go to a National League team.


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              Wouldn't be surprised to see Frank go to the Bronx or Tampa Bay, though I can see him going back to Oakland somehow.

              It's shocking, but I think this is for the best, though.
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                  it's kinda hard to see someone like this happen to Frank. Although I'm sure he'll catch on somewhere else, this is huge blow to a guy who's fantastic career is coming to a close. Guy like Frank deserve better than this. I think it's time for him retire. It's obvious to anyone who's watched him this year that he does not have what it takes to perform at the high level we've come to expect.
                  This is a good move for the team though. He's been awful all year save for the Boston series. I know on Friday in particular, he struck out looking to end an inning with runners on. He looked so dejected and defeated in his walk to the dugout that I could almost tell the end for him with the Jays was coming. I'm curious to see what they'll do know. I understand that they recalled Robinson Diaz. I'm really curious to see this kid for myself. I just wonder how much playing time he's going to see.
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                    I actually think that if Thomas didn't have that option for next year, he would still be on our team. Despite the low average, he still has (I believe) 3 homers and like 11 RBIs. Not bad through 16 games. If he continued this pace, he'll still hit about 30 homers and get about 100 RBIs. And those numbers come from if he didn't even heat up.


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                      Well, knock me over with a wet noodle: I didn't see that coming.

                      The Jays are saving money for next season. Although they have to pay him this year's salary, they're not on the hook for 2009 any more.

                      Actually, it's a great deal for Thomas. He can go to another team and get a few million in salary from them, also. I wish I had a situation like that. I wouldn't feel too sorry for him.

                      And enough with the Barry Bonds stuff. He's too expensive, too controversial and too old for any team to touch him with a ten-foot baseball bat.
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                        Well in case anybody is behind, the Big Hurt has caught on with the A's once again. I do wish him the best of luck, he never really did anything wrong in T.O.


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