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Jays pick up Barajas' option

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  • Jays pick up Barajas' option

    not a bad price for rod, i think he'll do well platooning again next season, although i don't know who with.

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    I would like to see Thigpen given more time behind the plate. They have toyed with him but I think this should be a make or break year for him. He will be 26yrs old in April.

    Whats the status of Zaun's contract?

    I know he has said he wasnt happy with the platoon role (cant find any quotes right now though.)
    "I see no reason why a small-market team like the Twins or Expos can't continue to remain competitive, just because it lacks players," Selig said.


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      i think zaun's contract is up, im not 100% sure, ill try to find a link.


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        Zaun's contract is up. He has said that he still wants to start, but wouldn't rule out coming back to the Jays. So it's a bit of a 50/50 from Zaun's comments, but I would guess a lower chance from the Jays perspective because they probably won't spend like 3.5 million (I believe it was) on Zaun again to play second fiddle to Rod.

        I say pick up a Sal Fasano type player (veteran who is cheap) to compete with Thigpen for the reserve role. Go cheap and spend the money on upgrading elsewhere.


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          Are there any other Rod Barajas' out there? When we were originally in the market for Rod, I thought it'd be a good little pick up after his promising Texas numbers but the Phils signed him away and he stunk up the joint. With Thigpen sitting back in the wings, another cheap hit or miss type player:

          Johnny Estrada?
          Josh Bard?

          are two I wouldn't mind getting for cheap, and after looking at their 2008 stats, it might be do-able. Josh Bard stands out as a Barajas type, assuming he's healthy.

          What are they asking?


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            Tough to see Zaun leave the organization on bad terms . He was always a classy guy. He'll catch on somewhere either as a back up on a good team or a starter on a bad team.

            I'd like to see Thigpen and Barajas platoon. I want to see if Thigpen can be a reliable big league catcher. If not, the Blue Jays really need to find one for sure. Too many band-aids the last few years at catcher. They need an impact player there from inside the organization or out of it. Of course, the barajas and Thigpen platoon will work in the meantime, for this year anyway.
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