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Ted Rogers, 75, passes away

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  • Ted Rogers, 75, passes away

    Rogers was good for Toronto and ran a pretty good ship considering how the Jays have done over the last few years (no playoffs, but some very competent, above average baseball in Toronto)

    How active was he in the running of the team? And who takes over now?

    Basically, does this change anything on the field?

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    Sad day for Canadian baseball, sports, and just Canada in general. From what I hear, Alan Horn will be taking over on an interim basis andhis son Edward will be heading the search for a new permanent CEO. Whether this affects the team or not, who knows. If the new guy coming in isn't as big on sports as Rogers was (not only with the Jays, but also getting Olympics coverage, bringing the Bills to Canada, etc.), big changes could happen soon.


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      as I CFL fan, i often ripped on Rogers for trying to bring the NFL up here but in all, he was a good owner for the Blue Jays. He poured alot of money into this organization when no one else wanted to and babaganoosh, i agree, changes may happen when the teams power is transferred over and they might not be for the better.

      Rogers gave alot for this team to win since he bumped the payroll up 3-4 years ago and the money was never handled properly. a window in this franchises history may have just closed.


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        Have to agree with pretty much everything already said. Rogers was a good person for Canadian sports. He brought a level of commitment to the Blue Jays that gave/has given them an opportunity to be competitive.
        Like Maple Syrup, Canada's evil oozes over the United States.


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