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    Burnside has had a very goos Spring Training, what are his cahnces of making the bullpen ??

    You have more access to what is being said than I do in Australia ...

    Cany someone give me the general opinion


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    I guess i've really been out of the spring training loop so far because this is the first i've heard of him. But the Jays bullpen is pretty well set and it is going to be to be hard for anyone other than the 6 or 7 guys who have spots locked up to make the bullpen to start the year.
    Another factor to consider is that he's a non-roster invitee. I'm not sure as I'm not 100% how those guys work, but i'm guessing he'll have to be given a contract and and be put on the 40 man roster if they Jays wanted to retain him.
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      haven't really read a whole lot on him this spring. i'm assuming from looking at the scores that burnside will probably be retained to a deal of some sort. as for his chances working out of the pen this year, not to start anyways but he could be called-up (injury, struggles, etc.)


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