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    As of right now, there are 4 Blue Jays in the top-5 in the MLB in AB's. As we know, the Jays had a great offense and still now have a good one, and thus the four top guys in the lineup are gonna rack up the AB's. But it's strange that it's so pronounced:

    Top 25 Players in terms of AB's by Team:

    5-Blue Jays
    2-Baltimore, Boston, Philly, Texas
    1-12 other teams

    Wierd... Any thoughts or ideas?

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    One reason is because the Jays have played 80 games. About 25 teams have played 78 or less.


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      I think it also has to do with none of those guys getting injured at any point or getting any days off. As the season progresses, they're going to wear down a bit and need some days off. Everything will even out then I'm sure.
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        Without looking it up, do the Jays not take walks as much as other teams? I'd be curious to see where they rank in walks, maybe that's why their AB's are so high.
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          Scutaro is 7th in the league with 56 walks. Hill has walked just 21 times, while Wells and Rios have walked 27 and 24 times respectively. As a team, the Blue Jays have walked 302 times which is 13th out of the 30 teams.
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            It's the perfect storm, I guess. In order of importance...

            1) games played (Scutaro, Hill, Rios, Wells are all at 86-88GP)
            2) good performance from your 6 through 9 guys.
            3) Aggressive approach at the plate from Hill, Rios, Wells. You can't really say it's BB because Scutaro, Hill, Rios and Wells are 1,2,3 and 4 in PA too!
            4) Same Day in, Day out lineup vs. lefties & righties. Cito loves trotting the same batting order out there (at least until recently) even if Wells and Rios suck it up.

            and that's why they've got so many AB.


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