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    Originally posted by hartman74 View Post
    I was expecting a smart shrewd decision. Having the intellectual capabilities to pull off a steal of a trade. Show some cunning and trickery.
    Where are the Rule 5 players that you could find off other people's rosters ?
    Where is the Latin American and Asia scouting staff. If the Blue Jays had a player like Ichiro or Hideki Matsui they would be performing better.

    JP has done the opposite he's had egg on his face for a while.
    He's been outsmarted by Boston, NY Yankees, Tampa Bay and soon Baltimore GM's. No Wildcard contention under Gord Ash the Jays were 4 games out of the 1998 Wildcard. The Blue Jays haven't come close under JP Riccardi.

    Hiring managers with major league experience. No more Carlos Tosca and John Gibbons. They will never be managers again in baseball.

    The Hunt for his career will be dead October.
    Well for the Asian markets, you need to first bid on the rights to negotiate with a player

    then you need to sign him to the contract

    Daisuke Matsuzaka was offered $51.11 Million just for the right to negotiate with him, let alone the contract he ended up signing. It is very hard to sign impact Japanese players unless you have lots of $$$


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      Sorry Woodman, you can't say that. The posting system is by no means the only way to acquire Asian talent. It only applies to established pros in the NBL, so all of Asia is still up for grabs (haha, sounding a bit neo-colonial there...). And even then, it's not fair to cite the highest posting fee EVER as defense for your point. There have been a couple posting fees a bit north of $10 million (Ichiro and Kaz Ishii come to mind), but no one would deny that those were both worth it. The Igawa fee is the only one that stands out to me as over-paying for talent (I think it's still to early to say on Dice-k..).

      The one thing that concerns me with the Jays scouting, is something I heard on the Fan 590 during a broadcast, where Rob Ducey was talking about his scouting duties, saying that they're not doing much amateur scouting in Asia because their (I think specifically referring to the chinese) amateur development system is still too weak to warrant paying it much attention. It might just be the Jays fan in me telling me my team is screwing things up, but wouldn't that be the best time to get into the scouting game over there? While there's still raw talent to be had? Who knows...

      One other thing, someone said that JP once said he could win on a $50 million budget. Where/when did he say that? Because that's a bolllllld statement, and I'm not sure I believe JP to be that arrogant.
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        This from

        Red Sox Offered Six Pitchers For Halladay?
        By Nat Boyle [September 13 at 1:12pm CST]

        1:12pm: Amalie Benjamin of the Boston Globe reports that Epstein has denied the rumors. When asked if there was any truth to the rumored offer for Halladay, Epstein responded with a simple "Nope."

        10:14am: Last month, Theo Epstein said Boston aggressively pursued Roy Halladay at the deadline and that their final offer was "probably the best offer [J.P. Ricciardi] received." According to Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun, that may have been a 6-for-1 offer of Clay Buchholz, Justin Masterson, Daniel Bard, Michael Bowden, Felix Doubront, and Nick Hagadone.

        One National League scout is quoted having "zero idea why they didn't take the Boston offer." Elliott cites a Toronto scout who says the Jays didn't take the offer for two reasons: 1) They weren't confident Masterson would succeed as a starter, and 2) they were afraid of Halladay beating them in 2010.

        The same scout is quoted, "We don't have a quality arm like Halladay," said the scout, "but I've seen four of those (Red Sox) arms and they're quality. Hit on three of six and you'd be fertile for a long time."

        What do you think? Does this seem uncharacteristic of Theo Epstein?

        If this is true - big if - then J.P. Riccardi is even dumber than I thought. That would be a pretty impressive haul of young talent. Buccholtz could be a #2 starter; has great stuff and dominated Triple AAA this year. He's 5-3 / 3.66 ERA this year after going 7-2 / 2.38 / 0.98 WHIP in 99 IP in Minors. Hagadon5 was a key player in the V. Martinez trade with mid-90's fastball from LHP. Bard throws upwards of 100 MPH and has experienced great success as a rookie in Boston's pen this year (1-1 / 3.32 ERA / 59 SO in 43 IP - only 34 H allowed). From what I've seen, Masterson is probably best suited for the pen but he can be extremely stingy against RHP with that 94 RHP coming from 3/4 arm slot and sweeping breaking ball.

        Wasn't too impressed with Bowden the couple times I saw him and don't know much about young LHP Doubront, who's pitched well last couple years in High A/Double AA, but on the face of it, it would seem INSANE not to trade Halladay for that much quality. My goodness it appears J.P. values Halladay like an organization would value Babe Ruth for gawd sakes.

        I really hope this report isn't true because it would make me almost physically ill if this deal was turned down. Good luck trying to get that kinda of haul again in the off season


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          I'm pretty sure that report is false. I've read that at least 2 (Bard and someone else) of those prospects were off limits and the offer on the table was Buckholz, Masterdon or Bowden, and a third lower-tier prospect.


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            Originally posted by babaganoosh View Post
            I'm pretty sure that report is false. I've read that at least 2 (Bard and someone else) of those prospects were off limits and the offer on the table was Buckholz, Masterdon or Bowden, and a third lower-tier prospect.
            Absolutely agree. There is almost no way I'd buy this story without hearing it from the horses mouth, so to speak.

            these rumour sites are run of mill this day and age, they just add the name of whichever league they are following in their address adn hope it adds credence.


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