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  • Rogers selling the team

    that guy Glen Schiller on the score thinks rogers is selling the team after dumping all these contracts

    waht do you think

    if rogers sells the team and they move out of canada or even toronto for that matter, its pretty much over for baseball in canada

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    if rogers sells the team and they move out of canada or even toronto for that matter, its pretty much over for baseball in canada
    I think that you need to back up a statement as bold as that with some reasoning. The Jays are NOWHERE NEAR the situation that the Expos found themselves in at the end. The Jays were crap for 10 years after Back2Back, and yet we still see now that if a competitive team is on the field, people will show. It happened at the start of the year, when attendance was slowly climbing, and even now that we're out of it and management seems to be doing everything possible to confuse the fans, they team averaged over 25,000 for the 6 games against Cleveland and Tampa. These stats are from the blog (my favourite Jays blog...) and over there, they say this:

    I’m sorry, but if you’re getting that many people out to watch these utterly meaningless series’ in this hopeless season, what you might actually have are a fairly finite number of people around here who just actually kind of like baseball, regardless of who’s wearing the uniform.

    Bottom line, I don't think Rogers will sell this team, and even if they do baseball will remain popular here (and by here I mean... Toronto? GTA? Southern Ontario? Canada? not sure, but probably somewhere between Southern Ontario and Canada...). They're either dumping salary to rebuild, or to make it attractive to a new GM so that he can come in and spend money to bring in the players he thinks the Jays need to be competitive next season. And I will keep telling myself that because the alternative (selling the team followed by years of low-budget water-treading) is just too depressing.
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      I would say that Schiller is just a talking head blowing smoke. The Jays unloaded a guy who was way overpaid for his productivity level. That's not a salary dump, that's smart.

      If they were just unloading salary they could have easily traded Halladay for some nice prospects. Instead they told teams that if they wanted Halladay they would have to pony up a bounty of top prospects.

      If the Jays get a chance to unload Wells in the manner they got rid of Rios they would be wise to take.

      MLB is not going to let anyone move they Jays just because they want to. It's too large a city and it is too conveniently located.
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        Rogers is highly unlikely to sell the Jays. Owning the Jays provides Rogers with fantastic content for their business ventures. If they are smart, they will invest in the Jays, and make the product stronger, and I suspect that is where they are heading.

        Dumping Rios and his outrageous salary was a smart move that doesn't hurt the Jays on the field. They have Snyder ready to go and if necessary they can pick up a productive outfielder for less than Rios cost.

        This team isn't that bad. They have good arms and they are strong up the middle defensively except for behind the plate. Barajas can't throw out anybody. Play Chavez or go get another catcher that can play defense.

        I would like to see them get a solid corner outfielder and a third baseman. I'm not sold on Encarnacion, but he's young still and might come around. Lind would be better at first than he is in the outfield, so getting someone like Jason Bay for left field would be smart.

        Keeping Halliday and Scutaro are important if the want to win in the next couple years. If they don't spend the money to keep these two and invest in a couple new players like Bay and maybe a third baseman or a catcher, then they might as well blow it up.
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          I dont think the Jays are up for sale.

          The Jays have been spending more then they have been making in revenue the past few years because of Ted Rogers desire to win. Now with a new CEO they are likely looking to at least break even (rightfully so)

          As such we are likely to see a Payroll in the $60-75million range.


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