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What happened to the Blue Jays?

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  • What happened to the Blue Jays?

    Who owned the Jays back in the early nineties when the team was a model franchise and who was the GM? They seem to be kind of a dormant franchise. Where does the city of Toronto rank in terms of size regarding major league teams? Do the Jays generate enough revenue to be more than a second division team.

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    The answer to your question is no we do not bring in enough revenue to be anything but a 2nd tier team in the division.

    Last season the Jays took in 90 Million in revenue and after you account for all the scouting and management expenses, it leaves them between 65-70 million for a player budget (if you want to just break even) This is it is likely to go down due to lowered ticket sales.

    In terms of Size Toronto is the 4th largest city in North America and the 3rd Largest I believe in MLB after New York and LA. However we draw only a bottom 10 attendance and interest in the team is nothing special.

    The only way we can elevate ourselves back into the limelight of MLB would be if the Jays suddenly became a hot commodity and the Dome was filled to at least 3/4 capacity. Even with the low ticket prices that would generate an additional 25 Million in Revenue, which would allow us to field a team in the 90-100 Million range. However since mr Ted Rogers passing ownership seems to want to break even rather then attempt to be competetive. I guess Rogers Communication earning more then a Billion in profit cant afford to take a 20-30 million loss a year. Its to bad too because we could be a real good team if they were willing to do that.


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