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Vernon Wells to have wrist surgery

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  • Vernon Wells to have wrist surgery

    It states in the article that this is due to a wrist injury Wells suffered in 2008.
    Makes me wonder if this is his only problem. I wish that the Jays would dump this guy the same way they got rid of Rios. Wells has not had a good season since 2006. His contract has been like the Titanic around the neck of the Jays. But in typical Jays fashion, as they had done with pitchers in the past, let their stars dictate things and not have surgery. JP was famous for saying things like "We knew about the injury, we never lied about it". It's time to get rid Wells, how much worse would the Jays be without him?

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    Originally posted by tony67 View Post
    I wish that the Jays would dump this guy the same way they got rid of Rios.
    Well nobody wants Wells the same way others wanted Rios. Even the Yankees and their oodles of $$$$$ probably wouldn't touch Wells with a 30 foot poll.


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      I want to get rid of Wells, but seriously, no other GM is that stupid to pay Wells the remaining $107 million over 5 years. We'd have to give up a prospect and pay a full seasons salary just to begin with lol... or exchange Wells for another teams dead weight. I keep hearing about Wells for Bradley, but i'd rather eat Bradley's $20 million he has left and bury him in the minors, than take on $107 million for Wells.

      At least JP wasn't the only GM making bad signings... just look at Bradley and JD Drew. I mean really, Drew getting on average $13.5 million a year ? The guy had like one good season...


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        Maybe we'll get lucky and this surgery is just what he needs to get his career back on track.... Wel.... I can dream.
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