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  • Off-Season Rumour Thread

    I'm back after taking a bit of a breather from this ballclub. Anyways, I saw the following link but I didn't really want to start a thread called 'Jays interested in Gathright'. So I thought I'd make a thread so we could post rumors and info to every mediocre player the Jays have interest in.

    Here one:

    One report had a deal done this morning but as of now, it appears not so.

    EDIT: By the way, I kinda like this deal. Gives us a guy with speed and ability to play all three outfield positions off the bench.
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    Haha, have you seen the people over at sportsnet comment on this (particularly the first ones there). They're acting like we just paid a guy $20 million to be our franchise player.

    As for what I think for Gathright, he addresses what we sorely lacked last year. Speed. If he can come into the game like Johnny Mac did last year to pinch run and actually run, he'll be a very nice depth guy. If I had a choice, I would've gone after Podsednik to fill the corner outfield/speed/lead-off hole all at once, but I guess he might be out of our price range.


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      Podsednik would have been a good choice as well, I had no idea he was a FA. As you say, Podsednik could leadoff which would be a much better choice than Gaston's pick of Bautista *ugh*.

      But, Gathright's got one thing over Podsednik. He can jump cars.


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        Originally posted by Big_Mac View Post
        But, Gathright's got one thing over Podsednik. He can jump cars.
        With our expectations for next year, that may be the main attraction to come out to games


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          According to Fox Sports, the Jays are among two teams chasing Marcus Thames.

          I'll be honest, I'm not sure why they are going after Thames. Lind and Wells will play everyday next year. Snider should play a majority of the games. Thames wouldn't be a bad option against lefties, but I really don't want him taking ABs away from Snider in a rebuilding year. I'd rather let Buck Coats be the fourth outfielder.

          EDIT: I guess you could include Jose Bautista in that group if he gets tendered or whatever his situation is.
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            Well Lind is slated to be a DH, so it's really Wells and Snider (who if he struggles in spring training, may start in AAA to get some confidence). Also, I believe Buck Coats is no longer in our system.


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              Originally posted by Big_Mac View Post
              I'm back after taking a bit of a breather from this ballclub.
              Welcome back. I had to do the same thing.

              Gathright's speed would certainly be a welcome addition to the club. It's something the team has sorely lacked for a while now. I see no problem with Thames either. I'd like to see Snider stick with the team all year, but there's no sense forcing it if he's not ready.

              I don't think Buck Coats has been in the system for a while. I'm too lazy to check it for sure, but I thought he was long gone.
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                Coats is now with the Royals, my mistake. He was with us last year though, just with Las Vegas for the year.

                I'm sorry, I just cannot warm up to the Thames idea in my head. Yes, he will do okay against lefthanders and ya, he an provide a bit of power but I still have images of Wilkerson-Mench-Stewart dancing in my head.


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                  Jays Sign Players

                  According to ESPN, the Jays have signed catcher John Buck, formerly of the KC Royals.

                  Jordan Bastian reports via his twitter that the Jays have signed both Joey Gathright and Raul Chavez to minor league deals with invites to spring training.

                  Also, every player eligible got tendered yesterday, except for Chavez, who was signed anyways. Batista will make 2.4M next season while McGowan will make 500k. Interesting that Accardo got tendered, I hope he gets traded because I hated how the club treated him last year. He could be a good potential trading chip.

                  With Buck and Chavez in the fold, it will be interesting to see what the Jays have planned for their catching situation next year. My guess is the two veterans will start the year, with Arencibia jumping in for Chavez when he is ready.


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                    I think the fact that Chavez was non-tendered and then given a minor league deal means that we're still looking for another catcher. Maybe we trade for a guy like Napoli and Buck ends up being our back-up.

                    And though the rumour is for the Red Sox, but they are rumoured to be close to signing Lackey. This means that Toronto will be getting Boston's 2nd round pick for Scutaro.


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                      ^^So I was right and we signed Castro shortly afterwards

                      And some more news on the fallout of the Halladay trade:

            's Jerry Crasnick says there's speculation that the Jays will deal Lyle Overbay now that they're set to obtain Brett Wallace.
                      AA must be killing his phone this past week.


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                        No kidding. Every way I attempt to slice the lineup for next season, I can't find any room for Overbay in the lineup, which is really too bad.

                        Lyle never put up prototypical first base numbers for the Jays but his value went underappreciated in his time in Toronto. He never had great speed but I never got my the team never batted him second. He got on-base plenty and hit lots of doubles. His batting talents were wasted when he batted lower in the order, because he was never an RBI guy.

                        I guess it's a little early to eulogize a guy who just speculated to get traded, but I think Overbay will be traded by Christmas.


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                          I'd be surprised to see Overbay with the team next season. I always liked Overbay too. He got a raw deal injury wise and was asked to play a different role offensively that I think he was suited to.
                          Like Maple Syrup, Canada's evil oozes over the United States.


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                            I wonder how much Value we could get for Overbay if we were willing to eat 4 million of his remaining 7?

                            I mean with BJ Ryan's 10 mil on the books for this year, 6 Million gone for Halladay, whats adding in more money and taking the hit this year? that way next season thats instantly $20 Million freed up moving forward (Wells contract)

                            That way we could maximize the return and hopefully get another prospect or 2 who can be successfull major leaguers


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                              I think Overbay could have value to a contending team. I think he is an older version of Casey Kotchman in terms of his talents at first base. His .372 OBP was just behind Marco Scutaro and just above Adam Lind last season. Well I know OBP isn't a great indicator, I think AA could sell to a team what Overbay could do for an offense.


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