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Royals sign former first round pick Chris Lubanski

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  • Royals sign former first round pick Chris Lubanski

    The Blue Jays signed Chris Lubanski, who the Royals drafted fifth overall in the 2003 amateur draft. Through seven minor league seasons, he has a .278 average, 91 home runs and 408 RBI.

    I'd also like to report that after this offseason, I am retiring from reporting the daily team by team transactions (and the Baseball Fever community breathes a collective sigh of relief). It takes far too long to do. Although you guys do a good job of posting them anyway.

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    Lubanski seems to do really well...until he hits AAA. He performs at every level, then hits a road block. Hopefully he'll be able to get over that hump with the Jays and contribute down the line.

    And hopefully we'll still get your thoughts and opinions on whatever transactions occur after this offseason Cowtipper. Thanks for your work and trying to post transactions for others to discuss.


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      Cowtipper, I would like to extend my graditude for you posting the transactions. You often get the news on here far much quickly then any of us, so I appreciate it but I know it must be time-consuming to do.

      As for the signing, I don't really have a comment. Bring him in I guess to ST and see what he has. As I said about another guy this off-season, someone saw something in him to make him a first-rounder.


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