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    Culled from major-league sources, here is a list of some of the real offers against which the Phillies were ultimately competing:

    The Angels offered lefty Joe Saunders and catcher Mike Napoli, a low-ball, short-term bandage.

    The Yankees offered catcher Jesus Montero – that's it, that's all. Dealing within the division one-for-one for the greatest player in franchise history would be a fan disaster.

    The Red Sox, who left behind a nice multi-player offer in the summer, were now not even willing to make a one-for-one with Clay Buchholz. They were saving their financial bullets for one stud hitter, John Lackey, and/or Aroldis Chapman.
    Pretty interesting read.

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    Yeah, I read about the 1 for 1 with Jesus a few days ago and the Buchholz 1 for 1 a couple weeks back. I think AA definitely made the best move possible even compared to the Angels deal because I believe Saunders can bolt in 2 or 3 years from now and I would guess Napoli is in either the same boat or even further along than him.


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      For sure the right move. Not convinced Saunders is a real top flight talent, and he's 28. Napoli is gonna be 29 this fall and is a decent offensive catcher (no idea on his D#). Pretty insulting offer. Yanks offer is pretty insulting as well. Glad Roy left the AL though for sure.


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        I think the move with the Phillies was the best possible credible deal that I've heard of. AA did a good job on this one I think.


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          I get the feeling most team's were trying to hold the Jay's hostage trying to use the Santana deal as leverage. Thank god for Philly deciding to play ball rather then trying to screw us out of talent.


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