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Tom Cheek denied again - Frick goes to Miller

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  • Tom Cheek denied again - Frick goes to Miller

    Too busy to craft anything eloquent, but I'll sum up:

    Tom Cheek got screwed again.

    The criteria are listed as: "longevity; continuity with a club; honors, including national assignments such as the World Series and All-Star Games; and popularity with fans".

    Is the fact that he's Canadian going to stop him from ever winning this friggin' thing?

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    It's a shame. It seems like Canadian teams are always the ones that don't get enough exposure and support (i.e. Jays and Raptors). He truly deserves it though...I guess we'll just have to keep waiting for it. Maybe it's like the have to wait 15 for some reason before you're considered good enough.


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      I have nothing to say that you guys haven't already said. It doesn't seem fair that he hasn't won. I can't think of someone more deserving.
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        Too bad. He really deserves it. One of the biggest names in franchise history and he deserves this recognition. Really got shafted here.


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          Really a shame, but I suspect he'll get the award eventually.
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