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  • Spring Training 2010 Thread!

    It's no longer the off-season, so we're moving the discussion to a new thread!

    To start it off, here's some stuff from Bastian:
    As for the lineup confusion, there might not be as much up in the air as we have thought. Barring injuries, Jose Bautista will be the leadoff man, meaning he has the edge for the right field job. Cito said he is now reconsidering moving second baseman Aaron Hill and designated hitter Adam Lind out of the Nos. 2-3 spots.

    "Why mess with it?" he said.

    Fourth? You're looking at center fielder Vernon Wells as the cleanup man to open the year. Gaston said he doesn't want to "tear down Vernon's confidence." He went on to say, "We need him to come back and be himself. It's all about trying to get the best out of people and trying to put them in a place where they're comfortable."

    Gaston would lean toward breaking up the right-handed bats of Wells and third baseman Edwin Encarnacion, sliding the lefty-swinging first baseman, Lyle Overbay, into the fifth slot. That leaves the left fielder (Travis Snider?), catcher John Buck and shortstop Alex Gonzalez for the final three spots.
    Some of you may have come across this already (DJF covered it).

    I'm not sure that I can whine about Bautista being our lead-off man, since I have no one to suggest as a replacement. But I think I have a few ideas as to who might be better suited to the 4-hole...

    I guess Gaston should be protecting Wells' confidence, since it's probably the only goshdarn thing he has left.

    PS - Remember to submit your BBFBJHOF Dec '09 ballot.

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    Let's just cross our fingers and hope that Wells found a magic lamp with a genie in it over the offseason and used at least one of the wishes on pulling his career out of the sewer.
    Like Maple Syrup, Canada's evil oozes over the United States.


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      I hope he found some undectable steriods, it certainly helped him out earlier in his career.


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        Oye, this season with Cito might be harder to take than I thought. Who gives a **** about Wells' confidence, what about the team's confidence in the manager's ability to win games? Wells should bat wherever he is best suited. I have no problems with Vernon starting in the 4-hole, as long as Gaston adjusts his order based on production and last season tells us that probably won't be the case. The order in April will likely be the order in June, save a couple of meaningless shifts.

        And ya, anyone who hasn't voted for the HoF please do so. I was going to tally the votes soon but I will give everyone another week.


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          They signed prospects BJ LaMura and Daniel Perales.


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            Jays lost the Grapefruit League opener to the Tigers today, 7-6. Chris Lubanski had a three-run homer for the Jays. Randy Ruiz and Mike McCoy each contributed 2 hits, with McCoy's including a double. They play the Tigers again tomorrow with Marc Rzepczynski starting for the Jays. Kyle Drabek is also scheduled to pitch for the Jays tomorrow.

            Anyone know if anyone is broadcasting Jays ST games? I know Sportsnet picks a few up eventually but all I see on the Jays site right now is the last ST game in Houston, which is airing on TSN2.


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              I didn't hear the whole story, but apparently Marcum looked very good in his first outing yesterday. wouldnt it be nice4 if he could come back strong?


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                They are now saying it is Marcum's spot to lose as the opening day starter. Personally, I would like to see the rotation to be like this to start the season:

                Rzepczynski (I'm just going to start calling him Zipper. Can we have a vote?)

                Now that fifth spot can be up for debate. Personally, I would be fine if Tallet is there as well. As someone else said elsewhere, the way the schedule is in April, the #5 guy wouldn't pitch much so Tallet could inevitably stick on as a #5/longman for the first bit. I would prefer to see McGowan at least get a few games in down in Vegas before he starts up in TO but if they think he is ready, then go for it. I'm excited to see Ol' Mutton Chops back in a Jays uni.


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                  Yup, that starting 5 seems reasonable to me. I would not put Tallet in the rotation as he will never be better than a 4.5 ERA type pitcher. Also seeing that he's in his 30's now, I don't see the point in tying up a rotation spot on an average to below pitcher getting up in years. He belongs in long relieve, regardless of what he wants.

                  As for McGowan, would like to see him as the closer. Long history of injury problems and limited repetoir (doesn't have 4 pitches consistently working; mostly just 2) make him ideal for the late inning relief. If not the closer, I would like to see him in the set-up role, where he could possibly domiante the 7th and 8th innings with his stuff. Maybe we could put him in a Ryan Madson typ role?


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                    Originally posted by Big_Mac View Post
                    Rzepczynski (I'm just going to start calling him Zipper. Can we have a vote?)
                    I like Scrabble more


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                      Blue Jays cut a few players from big league camp

                      TORONTO BLUE JAYS—Optioned RHP Casey Fien and LHP Brad Mills to Las Vegas (PCL). Assigned RHP Lyle Drabek and 1B-DH David Cooper to their minor-league camp.

                      They also cut Robert Ray.



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                        I'd much rather have Tallet working long relief. It seems that's where's he most effective. The only time he should start is when there are absolutely no other options. Given the amount of arms around right now, that's just not the case.
                        Like Maple Syrup, Canada's evil oozes over the United States.


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                          Like the idea of McGowan as a closer or setup guy this year. It would allow the jays to really limit his use while still getting quality innings out of him. The silver lining might be that McGowan takes to the role and the Jays find a reliable closer for the first time since maybe...... Ward? I can't remember the last time a Jays closer made me think, this ones in the bag.


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                            I guess this is kinda Spring Training related based on the fact that the decision was made due to how Marcum was pitching, so here it is:

                            DUNEDIN, Fla. -- Right-hander Shaun Marcum will be Toronto's opening-day starter.

                            It will be the first time in eight years that Roy Halladay won't take the mound to open the Blue Jays' season.

                            Now that Halladay has been traded to Philadelphia, manager Cito Gaston said Monday it was an easy decision because of the way Marcum has pitched this spring.

                            In two starts covering five shutout innings, he has allowed one hit and one walk while striking out four.

                            Gaston has not decided on the rest of the rotation for the opening series against Texas.

                            Marcum missed half of the 2008 season and all of 2009 recovering from right shoulder surgery. He says "it never even crossed my mind that I'd be in this position."
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                              Originally posted by babaganoosh View Post
                              I guess this is kinda Spring Training related based on the fact that the decision was made due to how Marcum was pitching, so it is:
                              That's great for him, but the fact that Marcum will be our opening day starter after missing most of last year with TJ surgery AND being relatively unproven to begin with just shows how tough this year is going to be. Marcum would be a 3 or 4 on most contending teams.

                              But I guess I didn't need to point out the obvious.


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