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Has anyone seen this kind of predictions thing before?

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  • Has anyone seen this kind of predictions thing before?

    The other day I googled the word "forseeably" to see if it was a word and I happened to run into this site:

    Interesting since I happen to be a Jays fan... It looks like players are getting W-L records for how they guess the Jays games. I haven't seen anything like it on the net. Maybe it's illegal? And I'm still confused about its "Streak Stopper" game. Am I supposed to "cash in" and hope the Blue Jays streak stops or what? I'm having a hard time figuring out how to play.

    But it looks fun, and apparently it's being run by a Blue Jays fan since I can't find any other teams on the site.

    BTW I like the layout of this site.

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    hmm, thats neat, never seen something like that before. thanks for the post


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      Looks much like MLB's Survivor, Home run Streak and Hit Streak. They can be a lot of fun and not as easy as they look. I didn't see a place to log in as a new member.


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        It found the register button on the bottom of the front page.


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          Wow I thought I had blown it but turns out I won today :o


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            holy crap these guys are good!!

            Two guys have won 10 games in a row and another won 8 in a row. If someon gets 15 in a row then they win $500 bucks. The guy giving out these prizes is frickin' insine or some sort of rich guy with nothing better to do.

            Look -->


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