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I hope Blue Jays stay in Toronto and Canada

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    Originally posted by Richard View Post
    Do fans ever become demoralized being in the same division as the Yanks and Red Sox and not go to the games or support the Jays? I mean the Jays could never outspend the Red Sox or Yanks for players. Rickey Henderson once played for the Jays. That could never happen today.
    Rogers Communications is worth billions, so really, we should be spending like them...


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      From what I've read the Jays do very well on local television. Anyway they've been spending millions on international free agents lately. I guess they were serious when the Jays announced a new direction after the GM was fired. Good for the jays!


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        The thing is, its hit or miss with international free agents. They only have a track record playing in a league not has talented as the majors. I'd rather have Anthopolous pay millions to established major leaguers...


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          I admit that I have thought about this, but I'm doubtful it will ever happen. Baseball is not as dependent on ticket sales as a sport like hockey. Revenue comes through TV contracts, licensing, internet, etc. Toronto is a hockey town and a bandwagon baseball town. Trust me, if the Jays are contending in September, the fans will be back. The Jays' TV ratings are actually very good. Rogers Sportsnet reported that close to 700,000 people watched a game in a series against Boston earlier this year. For a country with 30-some million people, that is pretty impressive. The interest is there, but the intrigue of the SkyDome is gone. But the fans will be back in a couple of years, when the Jays are competitive.
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            The article is mostly about the Expos but

            read the second to last paragraph



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