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    Well, I ain't for sure no expert on it, but the Jays do hold #11, #34, #38, #41 in the first round and follow Compensation Round. I might actually watch a bit of it tonight, from what I hear it is streaming on Anyone know who the Jays are targeting tonight? Or are you as out of the blue as I am?

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    I heard we are linked too DeShield and Choice, both would be great picks.

    I however am holding out for Whitson, He is raw but has the potential to be the best Pitcher in the draft. Think a young Roy Halladay.


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      I really got to say, this is one draft where I have about 10 guys I would be happy with getting. Tonight is going to be huge towards us refilling our system with enough talent to put us into a top system in Baseball.


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        After KC taking Colon, it really looks to me like we are going to get Michael Choice, would be an excellent pick at 11!


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          Wow! my top 3 have crumbled in 3 consecutive picks. we pretty much get Sale by default


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            Blue Jays select RHP Deck McGuire

            I didnt expect us to take such a safe pick here but thats what it is, he should be signed easily and with a 6'6'' frame, he has the potential to be a real innings eater. He should compliment last year's 1st round pick Jenkins really well and could form a potent 1-2 punch down the road (#2-3)

            He is likely to move quickly up the system and could be in a Toronto uniform as early as late next season.


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              Blue Jays select RHP Aaron Sanchez

              I like this pick, he is a large bodied high school pitcher who projects to be a top of the rotation starter. He is an above slot player as he has already committed to playing University. Before you guys go on riping on this pick, understand that this is the type of kid who goes to University for 2 years and enters the draft as a top 15 pick.


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                By the sounds of it, the experts are pretty satisfied with the Jays draft, although it's always hard to tell at this point. A lot have people have called McGuire a safe pick but I read somewhere where the Jays believe he has more upside then people were giving him credit for. He already has a major league out pitch, a 92-93 MPH slider.


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                  I think we had a hell of a 1st round.

                  I agree with you that McGuire already has major league stuff and has the ability to improve upon that before he reaches the show. Besides, how much value is this kid going to have if he can log 220 innings a year in the tough AL east? That kind of innings eater is what keeps the bullpen fresh and takes lots of pressure off the ace of the staff.

                  Sanchez was a 15-20 overall caliber player and could of gone that high, having him fall to us at 34 is an absolute steal. He projects to be a top of the rotation pitcher with great stuff and once he grows into his frame a mid 90's fastball.

                  Syndergaard seems like a reach to me, however with the amount of high quality scouts we have added over the past year I have to believe they really see something in this kid that made them make this pick. The other possibility is that being one of our replacement picks (for losing Paxton) they decided to draft a sure thing to sign and made the pick here.

                  Wojciechowski was also a projectable 1st round talent with some scouting agencies rating him in the 25-35 range.

                  In the end getting 3 legitimate 1st round talents and a pile of projectable pitchers is a good thing moving forward


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                    I'm really excited that the Blue Jays took a guy named Asher! Asher, as you may well remember, was the first name of a fictional Jays player on Angels in the Outfield. I must say, it brought a smile to my face to see someone named Asher in the organization.
                    Like Maple Syrup, Canada's evil oozes over the United States.


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                      Jays signed Noah Snydergaard.


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