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Jays Extend Ricky Romero - 5-years, $30.1 Million

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  • Jays Extend Ricky Romero - 5-years, $30.1 Million

    While there is a fair amount of risk involved here, I do think it was a smart move for the Blue Jays. Romero has been one of the ten or twelve best pitchers in the AL this season, and his peripherals indicate that there's nothing really fluky about it. He gets strikeouts, limits walks, and induces a ton of groundballs - a fantastic skill set to say the least.

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    This looks like a great move for the Blue Jays. Romero's one of the dozen or so best pitchers in the American League this year and he still has room for improvement - he won't be 26 until November, and his strikeout and walk rates have improved from his solid 2009. A young pitcher that keeps the ball on the ground (53.9%) and generates good strikeout numbers (7.76 K/9) is a very valuable commodity.


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      So, you post on IGN, eh? And I assume you realized I'm VVD?


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        Good move for the jays as Romero is a valuable player and wouldn't want him to go for a while.

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          CokeMachineGlow's post is a verbatim repost of my response from IGN. I'm assuming he copied and pasted.


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            I think this is a great deal for the Jays. If Romero can continue to just post the numbers he has so far in his career without any improvement, he's already going to be worth every penny of the contract. He's always had the talent and stuff to succeed and it's great to see him finally putting it together. The contract is easily comparable to Lester and Gallardo's contracts, and I think the general concensus on those contracts are that the team won as well.


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              I like the contract. Romero is a horse, a solid pitcher and from what I've heard a decent citizen. Nice move.
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