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  • Random Jays notes

    Taylor Buchholz claimed by Red Sox. DeWayne Wise and Brian Tallet are free agents after refusing outright assignment to AAA. Edwin Encarnacion claimed on waivers by Oakland Athletics.

    Nothing too surprising...but there it is.

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    Sorry to see Tallet go. Not for any on-field performance reason just because he was my neighbor when he was in Cleveland...


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      If Tallet was used exclusively as a lefty specialist, he could contribute to most teams. He's just not good against righties and not suited for long-relief, despite his stamina. He needs to be one of those 60 appearances, 30 IP type guys.


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        Tallet could be very effective when used properly and absolutely terrible when used improperly, but he rocked some sweet sideburns at times. Gotta love that! He's replaceable.
        Like Maple Syrup, Canada's evil oozes over the United States.


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          I have a funny story about him. Back in 2003 when we had the blackout I came out of my apartment in Cleveland because my building got hot without AC. Hanging out on the sidewalk were these two guys in lounge chairs and I started talking to them and one of them looked really familiar. It turned out they were both Indians players. So we are all hanging out and then another player joins us. Then later one of them is on the phone and says "yeah we're all hanging out in front of the building so bring him over" it turns out they were talking to Brian Tallet and the "him" he brought over was Cliff Lee. Tallet pulled his H2 onto the sidewalk went into the building and got his stereo and hooked it up to the electical adapter and started playing music. Then he went into his car and got a box of cuban cigars and passed them out. Cliff Lee was just called up that afternoon and the poor guy hadn't eaten all day. So when it got to midnight he asked me if I had any food and we went to my apartment and he emptied my fridge.


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