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Jays Acquire Rajai Davis from the A's for Two Relief Prospects

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  • Jays Acquire Rajai Davis from the A's for Two Relief Prospects


    Interesting move for the Jays. Davis can play all three OF positions fairly well, he has solid plate discipline, and blazing speed. Plus, he's a righty - with Lind, Lewis, and Snider being lefties, having a back-up to save some platoon issues makes sense. Danny Farquhar and Trystan Magnuson are interesting prospects, I suppose, but I don't see either as being studs.

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    I think this moves spells the end of Lewis' time with the Jays. He's already come out and said he won't come off the bench and I already think Davis is an upgrade to Lewis. So assuming Bautista moves to 3rd, Wells and Snider are already locked in, then you have Davis playing LF and Lewis either non-tendered or traded to a team that might tender him (similar to Encarnacion, though he was picked up on waivers, but same type of logic).

    I'm a tad disappointed that we had to give up both since we do need some bullpen arms and Farquhar may have been in the mix if he really impressed in Spring Training, but I guess it's easier to fill in holes down in the bullpen than it is to find speedy, versatile, lead-off hitters.
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      The good thing about Davis is he had 50 stolen bases last year. The bad thing is he had a .320 OBP and just 26 walks. Still, I think it's a good move to add some speed into the mix.
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