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  • Mariano_Rivera
    Can a mod who is knowledgable about Jay's history add a poll to this thread?

    I want the results for the All-Time position by position battle. I have a thread about it in the history forum if you're interested.

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  • bluejaysfan
    1B- Carlos Delgado
    2B- Roberto Alomar
    SS- Tony Fernandez
    3B- Kelly Gruber
    OF- Joe Carter/Jesse Barfield
    OF- Lloyd Moseby
    OF- George Bell
    C- Ernie Whitt
    DH- Paul Molitor

    SP- Dave Stieb
    SP- Jimmy Key
    SP- Roy Halladay
    SP- Pat Hentgen
    SP- Jim Clancy

    RP- Jim Acker
    RP- Duane Ward
    RP- Paul Quantrill
    RP- Tom Henke

    Manager- Cito Gaston

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  • bluejaysfan93
    What's your all-time Toronto Blue Jays team? Here's mine and feel free to comment.

    1B:Carlos Delgado (C/LF) 2B:Roberto Alomar
    3B:Rance Mulliniks (2B/SS)
    SS:Tony Fernandez (2B/3B)
    Cerren Fletcher (my fav!)
    LF:George Bell (2B/3B) (this guy hit alot of doubles)
    CF:Shannon Stewart (OF) (alot of hits in 2001 and high enough hitting %)
    RF:Joe Carter (1B/OF) (although not a high hitting %, he came clutch at the 1993 WS)
    Util:Shawn Green I cant remember what he played so Ill stick him at 2
    Al Woods (OF)
    Lloyd Moseby (OF)

    SP:Jimmy Key
    Dave Stieb
    Roy Halladay
    Juan Guzman
    Roger Clemmons (I hate the guy but he is good)

    RP/CP:Tom Henke
    Mike Timlin
    Roy Lee Jackson

    Manager:Cito Gaston

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  • Knick9
    The polls are closed and tallied up, and with few spots remaining, the all time Blue Jay roster is like this:

    (fielding/hitting: 15 spots available)

    1B:Carlos Delgado (4 votes), John Olerud (3 votes)

    2B:Roberto Alomar (6 votes)

    3B:Kelly Gruber (3 votes), Rance Mulliniks (2 votes)

    SS:Tony Fernandez (6 votes),Alfredo Griffin (2 votes)

    C:Pat Borders (4 votes), Ernie Whitt (3 votes)

    OF:Joe Carter (7 votes), George Bell (4 votes), Lloyd Moseby (3 votes), Shannon Stewart (3 votes), Devon White (3 votes)


    Outside looking in: (1 spot remains; who gets it?)

    2B Damaso Garcia
    OF Jesse Barfield
    OF Shawn Green
    OF Al Woods
    OF Willie Upshaw

    (Starting Pitching; 5 spots available)

    SP:Jimmy Key (7 votes)
    Dave Steib (7 votes)
    Roy Halladay (4 votes)
    Juan Guzman (4 votes)
    David Wells (4 votes)

    (Relief/Closing pitching; 5 spots available)

    RP/CP:Tom Henke (6 votes)
    Duane Ward (4 votes)
    Paul Quantrill (3 votes)
    Mike Timlin (2 votes)

    Outside looking in: (1 spot remains for the bullpen)

    RP/CP:Roy Lee Jackson
    Mark Eichhorn

    Alright, so who gets the last spot in the hitting squad? Who will start in the field? Who makes the bullpen between Jackson and Eichhorn? Discuss.

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  • Big_Mac
    hmmm, i'd go with

    c - whitt
    1b - olerud/delgado
    2b - alomar
    ss - griffen
    3b - fernandez
    of - carter, bell, devo, barfield
    dh - moliter

    sp - key, morris, stieb, guzman, clemens
    rp - henke, ward, quantrill

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  • Shoeless
    Why's everybody taking Carter over Green for OF? I say Bell, Green and Barfield. Devo's glove is amazing, but statistically, I don't think the variability in OF defense at the big-league level affects the outcome of games nearly enough to justify him over those three. Maybe put him the bench in hopes of convincing Bell to DH...uh, right. Anyway, Barfield's defense was pretty amazing too.
    On Mulliniks vs Gruber, I'd take Gruber, for speed and power. Rance platooned with Iorg; if you can fill a position without platooning, that gives you flexibility at other positions.

    How do we get Carlos and Olerud both in? if one DHs then we can't have Molitor (assuming the uncontroversial Alomar and Fernandez)--but then again, what's the length-of-service criterion?

    Oh well, this is more fun that watching this year's crew will be.

    Henke and Ward, for sure. Mark Eichorn if we're going by single-season peak value (that 86 season still amazes me!) Starters other than Key and Stieb depend on the inclusion criterion.

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  • Knick9
    Attention:1 week remains for you to fill out your entries for the all-time Blue Jays team, so get those entries in.

    Once the week has passed, we will start discussing about who out of the chosen, makes the 25 man roster.

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  • stromey
    C - Pat Borders/ Ernie Whitt
    1B - John Olerud/Carlos Delgado/ John Mayberry
    2B - Roberto Alomar
    SS - Tony Fernandez/ Alfredo Griffen
    3B - Kelly Gruber
    OF - Llyod Moseby, George Bell, Joe Carter, Willie Upshaw, Jesse Barfield, Shawn Green, Rickey Henderson.....I think this has been a big strength for the Blue Jays
    DH - Paul Molitor, Rico Carty, Dave Winfield
    Pitching - Dave Stieb, Jimmy Key, Roger Clemens, David Wells, Jack Morris, Juan Guzman, Jim Clancy, Roy Halladay, Dave Stewart, David Cone, Al Leiter, Pat Hentgen, Woody Williams

    Relievers - Tom Henke, Duane Ward, Paul Quantrill, Jim Acker

    Manager - Bobby Cox, Cito Gaston

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  • HDH
    C Ernie Whitt
    1B Carlos Delgado
    2B Roberto Alomar
    SS Tony Fernandez
    3B Kelly Gruber
    CF Lloyde Moesby
    RF Joe Carter
    LF Shannon Stewert
    DH George Bell

    SP Dave Steib
    SP Jimmy Key
    SP Pat Hentegan
    SP Jim Clancy

    RP Tom Henke

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  • WinnipegJaysFan
    Getting back to Mulliniks again, I read that he'll be doing colour-commentary for Sportsnet for 28 games this year. Go Rance!

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  • Jayme
    C Pat Borders/Lance Parrish

    1B John Olerud/Carlos Delgado

    2B Robbie Alomar

    3B Kelly Gruber/Rance Mulliniks

    SS Tony Fernandez/Alex Gonzalez

    OF George Bell/Jesse Barfield

    OF Devon White/Shannon Stewart

    OF Joe Carter/Raul Mondesi

    DH Paul Molitor/Dave Winfield

    SP Jimmy Key/David Wells/Pat Hentgen/Roger Clemens/Roy Halladay

    Bullpen Paul Quantrill/Mike Timlin/Duane Ward
    Closer Tom Henke

    Some just because i enjoyed watching them in a Jays uniform!

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  • Vlad4040
    What about Kelly Gruber?

    1B:Carlos Delgado (Agreed)
    2B:Roberto Alomar (Agreed but 'cause he spit in an Umps face I have to go with Damaso Garcia)
    3B:Rance Mulliniks (Kelly Gruber GG)
    SS:Tony Fernandez (Agreed but I liked watching Alfredo Griffin).
    C:Ernie Whitt (Agreed)
    LF:George Bell (Agreed - Jorge for sure)
    CF:Stewart (Lloyd Moseby but soon to be Rios)
    RF:Joe Carter (Agreed but Jesse Barfield was my fav)

    Dave Stieb (Agreed)
    Jimmy Key (Agreed)
    Roy Halladay (Could move up on the list)

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  • tonyc123
    I'd go for

    C Pat Borders

    1B Carlos Delgado

    2B Robbie Alomar

    3B Rance Mulliniks

    SS Tony Fernandez

    OF George Bell

    OF Devon White

    OF Joe Carter

    DH Cecil Fielder


    Garth Iorg
    Jeff Kent
    Shawn Green

    Pitching: (Assuming all at peak performance !)

    Dave Stieb
    Juan Guzman
    Jimmy Key
    David Wells
    David Cone


    Mark Eichhorn
    Duane Ward
    Tom Henke


    Bobby Cox

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  • rudy
    Originally posted by WinnipegJaysFan
    Looks good to me, but I'd take Devon White over Stewart for centre (infinitely better defense), and would have to make Duane Ward one of my relievers.

    I like your choice of Rance Mulliniks. Never had spectacular stats, wasn't a flashy guy, but solid and dependable. One of my all-time faves! beat me to it....these were the EXACT suggestions I was going to make too....

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  • WinnipegJaysFan
    Looks good to me, but I'd take Devon White over Stewart for centre (infinitely better defense), and would have to make Duane Ward one of my relievers.

    I like your choice of Rance Mulliniks. Never had spectacular stats, wasn't a flashy guy, but solid and dependable. One of my all-time faves!

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