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  • Starting Situation!!

    I'd really like the Jays to stick with Janssen for a while. He really showed us what his potential is against the Angels last week, and although he was overwhelmed by the Major League experience in his first start, I think he shows an element of maturity in the way he handles himself.

    Lilly is having a good start to the year and as long as he remains consistent he will be a solid third or fourth starter throughout the year.

    Chacin is a great third, as long as his current injury is not a lengthy one. I just heard that his MRI was negative.

    Halliday, what can you say?? A lock almost everytime out as long as he remains healthy.

    Towers!! Aye there's the rub!! ( A little Shakespeare to show some depth
    So far a sure loss. I really hope he can pull himself out of it.

    Burnett!! Who knows? Perhaps Janssen will take Tower's spot when Burnett returns. Which will be sooner rather than later I hope. He started soft tossing yesterday.

    What seems like a weak spot sometimes could become strong very soon, and combined with their offensive potential, this could be quite a year.

    Share your thoughts on the starting rotation. I'd really like to know what you think.

    Go Jays!!

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    The rotation seems to be the thing that's holding the Jays back most right now. There's good arms in the rotation, thay just need to get going.
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      I believe the Jays rotation will be quite good. Halladay is just being Halladay. Lilly has returned to the form he was in when he made all star game. Chacin is good but will get better as his arm gets stronger from long lay off. Burnett give him time let his injury heal COMPLETELY and he will be your second ace. Tower? Ummm one good starts in all the starts he has had hopefully this will become the new norm or we can opt for Jannessen Mcogwan or Rosario to take his spot


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        What a game that kid through last night against the Angels!!! He sure has their number! When Burnett gets back Towers better keep a close look over his shoulder. This may be just what the Doctor ordered for Towers. A little heat may straighten him out.


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          Janssen is here to stay now for a while and he will be starting. those are two back-to-back huge games for him, granted both against the same ballclub, but he is winning games and punching out guys and is building more and more confidence. Too be honest with you, i never heard of Casey before he got called up but it's great to see a guy like this emerge in the system. tell me to calm down though guys, its only two starts right.......


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