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2012 Blue Jays Season Thread

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  • 2012 Blue Jays Season Thread

    Hey blue jays fans. what do you think about this season? I don't think they will contend but they definitely improved. a lot of talent in that team.

    In spring training they have been really good and scoring like crazy (I know it's only ST but I do believe this team can score a lot). I would not be surprised if they won 85+ games
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    Still too early to tell....would like them to be 5-0 with everybody hitting .400 but that's unrealistic. In reality they've started fairly well. Starting pitching has been good and most of the the pen has been super solid (save for Santos' two blown saves). This squad could easily be 5-0 right now but I'll still take 3-2. The big tests will come when they've faced Texas, Tampa, Anaheim etc. So in a nutshell.... happy with the start, would love more production from the likes of Arencibia, Thames, Bautista etc. but on the whole, a solid start to the season (one week in).


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      Good job this past couple of days vs. Texas. Hitting came alive! If Bautista can get it on track, he and Edwin make a nice middle of the order threat. What to do with Lind though? Anybody like the idea of having Edwin play 1st, and calling up Snider (when he gets healthy again) to split between Left Field and DH with Thames (who is hitting really well right now)? Lind can pinch hit/play where and when he can until he gets the bat in order. How many times at the end of a season does a pennant come down to a game or two? Not a huge fan of giving games away in April/May so a guy can sort out hitting issues. Lets get the most productive lineup we can at the Major League level right now.


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        The Jays signed Chad Mottola to be their hitting coach. Strange signing IMO as he never did anything at the ML level and became a career minor leaguer. I can understand a signing like this (and I'm not a big believer in hitting coaches anyway) for a low-expectation team with nothing but kids, but the Jays spent to make a move now, and this seems odd to me. Who's he there to help exactly?
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