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  • All-Star Break

    Hello fellas.

    Been a while for me in these parts, just got outta touch i guess but i used to post around here quite a bit. Anyways, was looking to get back in the habit, used to love talkin about the Jays with you fellas.

    Curious, mainly about who is still around - (Chris? RHP?) - ,but just wanted to ask those who are around a few questions about how you feel about the current squad?

    1) So far, what do you think about the Jays first half?

    2) Who so far has been a surprise in a Jays uniform? And who has been a disappointment in your eyes?

    3) How do you think AA should approach this team this year with the trade deadline upcoming?

    Be great chatting with you guys, whomever is left and those who are new.


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