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Toronto Blue Jays/Miami Marlins Blockbuster Trade - From Jays Perspective

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  • Toronto Blue Jays/Miami Marlins Blockbuster Trade - From Jays Perspective

    I wrote down my thoughts about the 12-player blockbuster that went down last night and thought I would share them:
    Check out my Canadian baseball history blog called "Cooperstowners in Canada":

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    Great article hopefully we will be watching/attending playoff baseball in Toronto next season!!

    One thing I am not sure about in your article is your comment about Josh Johnson as the Opening Day starter I personally don't have much faith in Marlins pitchers that transition into the AL East (Josh Beckett aside)
    I see him slotting into the 3rd/4th spot in the rotation especially after last years 8-14 with a 3.81 ERA 191 IP in 31 starts put him just over 6.1 inning per game. His elbow and shoulder injuries would make me nervous.
    I personally would expect better upcoming seasons from Romero or Buehrle.

    As far as offence with this trade and today's signing of Melky this team is a threat in the AL East. I would imagine that AA is not done though. All this work on these upgrades he can't be happy about entering the season with a combination of Mike McCoy/Adam Lind/Encarnacion at 1st base. Not trying to get greedy but would love to see some more veteran presence on the team with a strong hitting, club house leader at 1st. Seems they now have a surplus of mediocre catchers that could be had.
    "I see no reason why a small-market team like the Twins or Expos can't continue to remain competitive, just because it lacks players," Selig said.


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