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  • Dunedin Spring Training

    Taking a road trip to Dunedin to take my son to see the Toronto Marlins in March...any suggestions on seat locations so he can try to get autographs (home or visitor)? Thanks in advance!

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    I'm a regular at Jays spring training. I don't collect autographs, but I do know that the Jays' clubhouse is down the right field line and that the players regularly sign autographs before the game and that the regulars often sign when they come out of the game after the fifth inning or so. There is a standing area in the right field corner that is the best location. That's where most of the autograph hounds stay for most of the game. You'll see them there. You can't miss them. You might also want to check out the Bobby Mattick complex, where a lot of the prospects hang out. It's a few miles away from the stadium in Dunedin, but it's free to get into and there are very few people there.
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      Thanks a ton! My son absolutley loves trying to get autographs...he's 10 years old, and loves the game of baseball. The Marlins are ruining the game for him down here...they keep getting rid of all of his favorites players!


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        No problem, a few years ago, I was at the Bobby Mattick complex early on a weekday morning. There were literally three of us (fans that is) there and out walks Vernon Wells for BP on one of the fields. There is only set of washrooms in the middle of the fields, so the players use the same washrooms as the fans. So after Wells came out of the washroom, he stopped and chatted for awhile. I would also recommend stopping at the office on the Bobby Mattick complex premises on the way in. They will be able to provide you with a roster that lists all of the minor leaguers and their uniform numbers, as well as a schedule of the games that are taking place. For example, the Triple-A Jays might be playing against the Triple-A Yankees. It's also a good idea to know who the coaches are and if any former players' sons are playing there. Some of the famous people that have been at the Bobby Mattick complex over the past few years are Roger Clemens, Frank Howard and Dante Bichette. It's also not uncommon to see the general managers there. The players at the Bobby Mattick complex all seem very happy to sign autographs.
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          cooperstownersincanada has got solid advice, edrock. I haven't been down to Dunedin for spring training for a few years, but my recommendation is to go early on gameday. Swing by the Bobby Mattick Complex before heading over to the ballpark would be a good idea, since I reckon there'll be players getting in a morning workout before heading over to the ballpark. Of course, there's the minor league games happening at the complex so it's your choice as to whether or not to stay there. IIRC, security is a bit more lax once the games start so you might be able to walk around more freely, though I might be wrong. I recall a time when I hung out at the batting cages for players to finish with their hitting before asking for their autograph, and I believe they have to walk that way when getting back to the main clubhouse anyway. Just get there early, ask the rent-a-cops where you can/can't go, and you'll be fine. Some of my favorite baseball memories are from the Blue Jays ST. Have fun and good luck!


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