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Who is Toronto's best defensive "leader" catcher?

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  • Who is Toronto's best defensive "leader" catcher?

    Considering we had the 2nd worst starting ERA in all of MLB last year, we really need someone to be a defensive leader whom the team and pitchers trust.

    I only ask because I don't know much about the catchers myself.

    I honestly don't care if he only hit .200.

    When I say defensive leader, I don't only mean he doesn't make many errors. I mean somebody whom plays with passion, and is a "defensive moral leader." Someone who loves to catch everyday and that hates to lose even one game!

    What say you out of the below?

    - Dioner Navarro (yes his offense looks promising, but is he a defensive leader I'm looking for?)
    - Erik Kratz
    - Josh Thole
    - A.J. Jimenez (Maybe a good choice since he's young, good knees? I know nothing about this

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    I rather we go get ourselves a new catcher. We don't need offense, so we need a defensive specialist or a pitch handler. Someone like Jose Lobaton or Jose Molina of Tampa Bay.
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