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    I have to admit I am a little jealous of the Blue Jays. My favorite team is the Mariners. They both came into the league as expansion teams the same year, but the Blue Jays have won the World Series twice, and we still haven't gotten there yet. Rats! h

    I am also a little jealous of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers since they won their first Super Bowl, and the Seahawks lost theirs, but everybody knows the Seahawks got royaly screwed in that game.

    I might go to a Mariners game in Toronto later this summer, it'll be my first trip ever to the Rogers Center. I went to a Mariners game at old Exhibition Stadium once. :gt

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    The Mariners and the Jays has been a great game for as long as I can remember. It didn't seem to matter who's where in the standings, they always seem to be great games.
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      Huge fan of Mariners too--- They have alot of personality...

      -You got Ichiro who is arguably the best hitter and fielder...
      -Richie Sexson who can easily bomb the 40 HR season when healthy...
      -Adrian Beltre with his large as hell contract (still wating for that 45 HR season again)
      -"Jerrasic" Everret who can keep the media and fans entertained for days...
      -Good young talent

      It's very unfortunate they don't have the record. Still one of my faves right next to the hometown Jays!


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        Originally posted by albertpujols
        and fielder...
        -Richie Sexson who can easily bomb the 40 HR season when healthy...
        and bomb out a .200 average healthy or not

        btw, welcome to the boards albertpujols. hope you have fun and keep posting here.


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          Originally posted by Big_Mac
          and bomb out a .200 average healthy or not
          Well he's starting to come around lately this year, though he still strikes out a lot. He actually went 5-5 in one game recently!

          Welcome albertpujols, glad you like the M's too!


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            Wish I could go to the series in Skydome this weekend!



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              i was at the saturday game, it was such a furnace in the place. i was on the 5th deck 2 rows up right behind the plate...but wound up moving halfway through the game to halfway down the right field line just to get in the shade of the light banks. first extra-inning game i've been to and i've been going to games for about 15 years so it was cool. but the "dog day" thing was kinda stupid...even though the ceremonial first fetch was a remotely nice concept.
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