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Blue Jays all time 25 man roster

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  • Blue Jays all time 25 man roster

    C: Ernie Whitt, Gregg Zaun
    1B: Carlos Delgado, John Olerud
    2B: Roberto Alomar, Aaron Hill
    3B: Kelly Gruber, Rance Mulliniks
    SS: Tony Farnandez, Marco Scutaro
    LF: Jose Bautista
    CF: Vernon Wells, Lloyd Moseby, Devon White
    RF: Jesse Barfield
    SP: Dave Stieb, Roy Halladay, Jimmy Key, Pat Hentgen, Jim Clancy
    RP: Tom Henke, Mark Eichhorn, Paul Quantrill, Duane Ward, Scott Downs

    First I'd like to get some thoughts on if I missed anyone? And secondly how many game would this team win in 2016 (considering they were all in their primes of course)
    My dream ballpark dimensions
    LF: 388 Feet...Height 37 Feet...LCF: 455 Feet...CF: 542 Feet...Height 35 Feet
    RCF: 471 Feet...RF: 400 Feet...Height 60 Feet
    Location....San Diego

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    Hmm, some honorable mentions

    1B: Willie Upshaw (early star, probably 3rd best 1B
    Fred McGriff (though not with the team all that long compared to the others)
    3B: Garth Iorg (partly to honor the 2 headed monster of "Mullinorg"-what I always call it)
    SS: Alfredo Griffin (with the team forever, shared a RoY, probably would be a better choice than Scutaro, for length served if nothing else)
    LF: George Bell (the one you did really miss)

    At this point possibly Edwin Encarnacion for DH

    Have to think more on the pitchers, Juan Guzman had a great early flash, though probably not quite a long enough one, though. Jason Frasor maybe for MR.


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