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    Wes Westrum, wow. I can almost see the opposing centerfielder coming in for a shoestring catch and the ball going by him all the way to those deep crevices of the Polo Grounds.
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      Originally posted by 0077
      Jimmy Sheckard BRO did it twice in consecutive games which is great. Also note that in the first game he did it, his fellow teammate Joe Kelly also had one, so both players did it during the same game on 09/23/1901.

      Looking at the list, the big name players are absent somewhat. I wonder how many of those players are in the Hall of Fame?

      06/26/1997 Tony Gwynn SDN
      08/25/1960 Willie Mays SFN
      07/25/1956 Roberto Clemente PIT
      07/26/1943 Arky Vaughan BRO
      06/04/1936 Mickey Cochrane DET
      07/05/1934 Lou Gehrig NYA
      06/20/1934 Heinie Manush WAS
      05/14/1933 Hack Wilson BRO
      05/01/1933 Arky Vaughan PIT
      05/10/1929 Earl Averill CLE
      05/20/1928 Earle Combs NYA
      09/14/1927 Max Carey BRO
      05/18/1926 Tony Lazzeri NYA
      06/20/1925 Kiki Cuyler PIT
      08/02/1919 Harry Heilmann DET
      06/05/1919 Eddie Collins CHA
      06/06/1917 Rogers Hornsby SLN
      09/15/1916 Zack Wheat BRO
      07/29/1915 Honus Wagner PIT
      09/26/1914 Rabbit Maranville BSN
      05/27/1914 Rabbit Maranville BSN
      09/17/1913 Ty Cobb DET
      06/11/1913 Sam Crawford DET
      05/04/1911 Honus Wagner PIT
      06/03/1909 Honus Wagner PIT
      06/17/1905 Sam Crawford DET
      08/04/1902 Frank Chance CHN
      09/20/1901 Honus Wagner PIT
      05/15/1899 Willie Keeler BRO
      07/28/1898 Honus Wagner LOU
      09/16/1889 Monte Ward NY

      I scanned through the list quickly, so forgive me if I missed anyone. Tony Gwynn is on there due to the fact he is a future HOFer.

      Finally, one list with no "Ruth".


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        I'm still in shock that off all people on the list, that Dan Wilson
        has got one...I remember watching that game on tv.....I thought he was going to pass out rounding 3rd base....
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          Originally posted by Shoeless
          Just looked at the list again...Karkovice??? Who the heck was playing outfield THAT day?

          I was at that game. Kark hit a gapper to left center. The center fielder came over to cut it off. The ball hit the base of the wall and caromed off at a weird angle into straightaway right center. By the time they recovered the ball Kark had rumbled around the bases. His slide into home just beat the relay. I use the word slide advisedly. If my memory is correct he more or less slid/collapsed onto home plate and lay there for 10 seconds or so. It was really an exciting play.


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            i got dizzy looking at that list
            theres quite a few people on that list
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              Great list. Tom Brunansky was not exactly a speed burner either although it was his first full year. The question about error follies reminds me of the time in 2001, when Christian Guzman of the Twins ran all the way around the bases for a "little league HR" ON A BUNT!!!!!


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                Great list. Thanks for sharing that. Baseball is forever unique.


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                  This is a great list, but I would imagine that Terry Pendleton must have spent 10 days after the feat icing down his hammstrings.


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                    Mel Stottlemeyer??? Wow.
                    Great list. More impressive than Robin Ventura, which I wouldn't have believed if I didn't see it.


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                      WOW! that is an impressive list! I had no idea that it happened so many times. I wonder how many guys had their careers shortened by know, the added heart/lung strain. LOL
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                        The question about error follies reminds me of the time in 2001, when Christian Guzman of the Twins ran all the way around the bases for a "little league HR" ON A BUNT!!!!!
                        When did this happen, who were they playing? I don't remember hearing about it. Also, what is a "little league HR?" -Sasha
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                          Originally posted by Sashag
                          Also, what is a "little league HR?" -Sasha
                          I could be wrong, but my understanding of a "little league HR" is rounding all the bases because the defense just kept making error after error.. such as you might expect from the defense in a little league game.


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                            Originally posted by Shoeless
                            I remember when Junior Felix did it... it was the "Miracle Mart Hit-and Win inning" on the radio broadcast, where names are drawn and the contestant wins X amount of money if the Jays player hits a single, Y for a double, etc., and $10,000 for a grand slam. The woman who won must have had a heart attack if she was listening!
                            I remember that one too!!!!


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                              that happend alot more times then i thought it would have
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                                The Pete Milne ITPGS

                                Fifty seven years ago yesterday, when Pete Milne got his inside the park grand slam to help beat the Brooklyn Dodgers 11-8, it was as a pinch hitter. Also, it occurred during his rookie year. The freakiest thing is he never hit another home run in his career.


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