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    Originally posted by Zito75 View Post
    It's been a while since it's been done, looks like we're due.

    I'll put down $20 on Curtis Granderson.
    Or Carl Crawford or Ichiro too.


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      Originally posted by catbox_9 View Post
      I once saw an Indian bunt for a "home run". I don't remember who it was but I was watching a game on TV he had a sacrifice to someboy who overthrew the first basemen. The first basemen overthrew the second basemen and an outfielder overthrew the third basemen. That probably happens often enough but it was still fun to watch.
      This happened this past Saturday in Arizona. The Angel's Aybar bunted to the pitcher who promptly threw the ball into RF. Upton picked it up and chucked it over 3B- way over. Aybar scored easily on the "Little League Home Run."
      WAR? Prove it!

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        Can anyone update this?


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          Originally posted by lacascada View Post
          Mel Stottlemeyer??? Wow.
          Great list. More impressive than Robin Ventura, which I wouldn't have believed if I didn't see it.
          I was at the game when Mel Stottlemyre hit his inside-the-park GS. I think it was July 20, 1965. Yanks beat the Red Sox, 6-3, at Yankee Stadium. He hit a rocket deep into Death Valley in the old Yankee Stadium. Carl Yastrzemski chased it down and fired the ball to the cutoff man (possibly Rico Petrocelli), but the throw to the plate was an eyelash late, and Mel beat the throw with a great slide. Great day for an eleven-year-old! Great day for Mel and a perfect memory of Yaz, whose refusal to quit on the ball made it a close play.
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