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    Here's some more scoring trivia: You've got a hit streak going. You walk (or get HP) each time up, streak still alive. Throw in a sac fly--streak over. Which is entirely consistent with the attitude about sac flies in the OBP rule: We'll give you a break in your BA, but you and I both know that, with a fly ball, you were going for a hit!
    Thanks for listening!



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      Originally posted by Cubsfan97
      Adam Greenberg got on base in his only plate appearence by getting hit in the head with the first pitch.
      I still remember that. He got called up to the Cubs with Matt Murton and I remember Kasper interviewing him and Murton after they both got called up. And then, in his first plate appearance, on the first pitch, he got hit right in the head and never saw the majors since. Murton, however, has become a pretty good player for the Cubs.


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        Originally posted by west coast orange and black View Post
        thanx alot, sean.

        (note: a balk occurring on a three-ball count is recorded as a bases on balls. otherwise, the "pitch" is recorded as neither a ball nor a strike.)
        No, a balk on a three ball count is only a walk if....

        A - the pitch is still thrown and is called a ball.
        B - all runners must advance a base on the walk.

        So if a three ball pitch is a balk, and the pitch is thrown, but there is only a runner on 2B, it is not a walk, the balk is enforced because the runner would not advance a base on the walk.
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          Jason Standridge needs to be added to this list as well. He also had a caught stealing, did this happen to any other player on the list?
          "Heck, all I got was a $100 check. I should have kept it and framed it, but I had to eat".

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