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A score ticker?

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  • A score ticker?

    MODS When season starts again.Can you install a score ticker on top of page?

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    Originally posted by steveox
    MODS When season starts again.Can you install a score ticker on top of page?
    I think this would be a GREAT thing to have!

    I will research and see what options are out there... and then see what the mods say.


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      i do believe there is a site where you can download a ticker to put on your site, i dont know where, i can look around for it. i think it would a neat thing to have.


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        MODS heres one ticker you can install but if it can only get baseball news. Get the Horizontal Ticker and put it on very top of page


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          That's a great idea, stevox! I always have to refer back to another website for scores, so it would be appreciated.
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            Steveox the only thing is, it seems all their data is outdated?

            The latest news stories are about things that happened a year ago.




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              Then hopefuly its not against the rules to steal from MLB.COM



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                It's a fabulous idea and a great thing to have, but it might be a pain in the neck to install. I also would be unhappy if it was constantly refreshed and it increased loading times.


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                  I like it, then I wouldn't have to race around to different sites
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                    How much space would it take up?
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                      Any progress on this idea or is it dead? It'd be great, but as others before said, installation and loading times could be annoying.
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                        I got it!


                        It has live score tickers and apparently news feeds.


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                          Tickers like these increase loading times significantly, and most of them seem to loaded with built in popups and advertisements.


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