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When do you contact a Moderator?

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  • When do you contact a Moderator?

    Just a few thoughts I've put together:
    • If you receive a PM that's threatening in nature (such as curse words, threats of harm, such as bodily, to one's computer, etc);
    • If you've been harassed on the board;
    • If you feel that a flame war is ensuing (please contact the forum Mod and/or an active Mod you're familiar with);
    • If you receive a PM inviting you to another forum;
    • If there is a question about any interpretation of the BBF Forum Policy;
    • If you feel that a thread should be "stickeyed" (such as under the Transaction Games under "Fantasy");
    • If you feel that a thread warrants being closed (or should at least be watched for inappropriate behavior).
    • If you se a thread, post or PM which you believe is spam.
    • If you forgot or messed up a poll and would like it edited.
    • If for whatever reason you created the same thread twice or if you have started a thread in the wrong section.

    Please feel very comfortable contacting any of us but try to start by contacting the Mod from the area you are having the issue. (I.E. if there is spam in the Cubs forum, contact the Cubs moderators first or if you would like a thread "Stickeyed" in the Fantasy forum, please contact the Mod in charge of the Fantasy forum) The more active the Mod is on here, the more likely you'll get a quicker reply.

    Enjoy your time spent here.
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