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    Maybe there can be a ''delete post'' FUNCTION like some other forums.

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    Over a post I wrote, I want to delete it for some reason. There can be an option ''delete post''
    It was here and is here, but it has been turned off. About 4 years ago we had a member who was superb. He decided to start his own forum. He then came in late one night and deleted all the posts he made. About 150 threads were completely lost and could not be restored. Quite a few members were upset about this incident, but as it had never happened before and seemed like an isolated event it was put down as a very bad day.

    Less than a year passed when another member did the same thing because their epic sized banner linking to their team specific forum was not allowed to be included in their signature line. The banner was nearly the width of the entire forum, at least 30k, and designed to get your attention in a way that made it irratating to members. I was out that particular weekend at Disney and upon returning had more than 30 private messages about it being a problem so I sent a PM asking for some assistance and attached a more discreet banner as a sample. They deleted all their posts that night (probably around 50 quality posts) and the delete feature was turned off. We turned to the use of moderators as a necessary addition to our goal and have never turned back due to some seriously bad lessons learned...

    Hope this explains the history a bit better...



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