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  • MOVED: B.B.F Awards '06

    Does anyone think we should have a award thread? you can vote on things such as best member, worst member, best newbie, most annoying, Greastest contributator and most likely to start rambiling on about a war story. Here are the rules: are aloud one nomination submission. It should look something like this:
    Bestmember: (user name here)
    worstmember: (user name here)
    and so on....

    2. five nominee max in each catorgory, if more than 5 are submitted, whoever recieved the most nominations will be in.(you can nominate someone who has already been nominated.)

    3.No cheating,double submiting, or anything like that or your votes wont count.

    If you have another idea for a catorgory submit it along with a nominee.

    Ive seen this done on other boards, and its usually alot of fun.

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    Probably a bad idea that would lead to hurt feelings and bad blood. Let's skip it please.
    Let's rid baseball of the pestilence of the DH now and forever!


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      Originally posted by Kroxquo
      Probably a bad idea that would lead to hurt feelings and bad blood. Let's skip it please.
      Agreed. A vote-off game similar to the proposal was done away with. Discussions should be about baseball, not about those discussing baseball here.


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        Originally posted by Kroxquo
        Probably a bad idea that would lead to hurt feelings and bad blood. Let's skip it please.
        Only because of the "worst this and that" categories. If you exclude those this could be entertaining. I remember there was one topic similar to this one a while ago. It was accepted because of the fact that a regular member started it, unlike this one.


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          It's a bad idea.

          Besides, you have 46 posts and you think you know this place and it's members that well?
          "I think about baseball when I wake up in the morning. I think about it all day and I dream about it at night. The only time I don't think about it is when I'm playing it."
          Carl Yastrzemski


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            A few months ago, this topic was stirred up, with the passing of one of the active members from this site.

            That is one of the few threads we had going, as you can tell there is only one reply, well at one time there was like 15-20 replies but it ended up being nothing but name calling and hurt feelings, I think Sean's reply sums it up.

            Great idea on paper, but bad idea when put in action.

            Thread closed, and moved to proper forum.


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              My reply in that thread is still applicable today. Here is a modern response built from that response:

              This thread was part proof why this is not a good idea. It has nothing to do with baseball.

              Most members are not here for accolades. For years I have often preached how much I care about quality over quantity and I still believe that to this day. Some really good members have left because of this plan, but I still think those who are still here appreciate that we focus our efforts on baseball. I would rather have just one new serious baseball member who makes four or five high quality posts in a month than one-hundred members who make four hundred low quality posts during that same month.

              I would have much rather opened up the browser this morning and seen discussion about the merits of each Negro League nominee than this particular thread. A pointed statement and not meant to be mean, but I hope it makes sense. I believe other serious members feel the same way and I will not place a HOF logo, icon, or anything similar next to our members names.



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