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Do you access Baseball-Fever at work?

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  • Do you access Baseball-Fever at work?

    I'm sitting at my boring 9-5 job and wondering how I would get through the day without Baseball-Fever.

    It got me thinking, how many of us access B-F at work while we are supposed to be "working". :atthepc
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    give your name, company name and boss' phone number please
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      My day can't be complete without BBF.


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        I access, since many times, there are many things that need to be taken care of that I have to complete after I leave home.

        If it's frentic and I'm working non-stop, there's no time unless I choose to eat my sandwich when I get home and post on my lunch time.

        So long as I don't post when I'm in the middle of a deadline job that's highly intensive, I'm fine.
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          I do it in the middle of my bio and chem lectures, and occasionally sign in during lab time.
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            Unfortunately, there is no time to check BBF while teaching 21 sixth graders. I have no computer in my classroom, and have to eat with my students during lunch.
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              I work at home.
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                There needs to be a place for those who work out of their home.

                I'm an attorney, but places like this were a real blessing when I faced some burnout and had to cut back. Still, even then I only did so rarely - I have always been a sole practitioner, and never even had the money to afford my own secretary.

                Now, I just do a few estates and such, and am taking masters courses via correspondence course for a change in professions.

                So, I do technically access from work b/c it's my office and I do so during breaks.
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                  My mom is a teacher, so right after school I go to her classroom and check out BBF.
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                    I would, but I can' that I think about it, I probably could, but I better not chance it.


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                      Not at work per se, but in the evening on the road.
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                        Originally posted by johnny
                        Not at work per se, but in the evening on the road.
                        While you're driving? h
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                          If it's slow, I'll log in and see what's up. Otherwise, if there is breaking news, I'll try to sign in and post info if someone else hasn't already done so. But the owner of my company is pretty cool, so I'm sure it wouldn't be a big deal considering one of our clients is the AAA team here in Tucson.
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                            I log on from college, although I don't bring my laptop to class so i guess i don't.
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                              Originally posted by RuthMayBond
                              While you're driving? h
                              not to worry, whenever i log on i shorten my driving time by speeding.
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