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  • Posts in totally wrong forums

    This post is posted in a forum that it is totally unrelated to. I know most mods are long gone, but maybe someone could shift this to Current Events or somewhere else.

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    Thank you for pointing this out to us. I tried moving it, got an error message, and the post is gone.


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      Got another one for Macker or any other mod that's still here. This thread is also in 19th Century baseball and doesn't belong there. Probably belongs in baseball collectibles or ???


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        I moved that to History. What is odd is that when I made the move, an error message popped up. I went back in to check, and it was moved. I also had the error message the first time, which led to the post disappearing when I tried getting back to it.


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          I'll figure out why the error is occurring when the move is completed. Like you mentioned, it was successfully moved, and no re-direct was put in place (which is the best way), but you should not have gotten the error. On that bug now...



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            But I set it to have a re-direct to expire in one week.


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              This problem is more common than it should be guys. Please do let us know any time a post is clearly suited to another thread. We try to catch these, but we're not in every sub-forum every day.

              Your help is much appreciated by the moderating team. Believe us.
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