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Disappearing posts - my post count is shrinking!

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  • Disappearing posts - my post count is shrinking!

    The title of this thread says it all. My post count keeps getting lower, a few at a time.

    Are other people noticing this? Are threads vanishing? I'd appreciate if someone here with access to the back end of this site could give me some answers.

    I want my posts back!

    "The Fightin' Met With Two Heads" - Mike Tyson/Ray Knight!

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    Some posts will be deleted and some threads will be deleted on occasion. There was an issue once in which hundreds - possibly thousands - of threads prior to a certain date had to be deleted in order to save the site. So on occasion, we may review past threads. Personally, I will occasionally search for "deleted" or "duplicate", because there are many posts that were edited by the user after mistakenly making a duplicate post or deciding they wanted to delete what they had posted. No sense in having posts that read "duplicate", "deleted" or "never mind" years after their posting.

    So when I see a post that reads, "duplicate post" or "deleted", I hard delete it. There are also times when I search for a player's name or topic and look at on old thread. If I find things like, "I edited my post to correct something", I delete the 10-year-old announcement.

    And there are times when I notice an old thread is full of insults and other nonsense. Sometimes I will remove those posts, but sometimes it is such a mess that I delete the thread, especially if the offender started the thread. So losing a post doesn't mean that you did anything wrong. You may have had a good post in a bad thread, and sometimes the wheat might go with the chaff.


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