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  • Baseball Fever Upgrade

    We were "down" today for about 30 minutes, and apologize about that. But, we were able to install some new upgrades to Baseball Fever:

    Photo Gallery

    When uploading images to a Photo Gallery topic, users can now enter a title for each image as well as the image description. This will enhance the searchability of images within these topics.

    Note: There is a known issue that you cannot add a title when uploading images during the creation of a new Photo Album within the user profile. You can edit the Photo Album and add titles as a workaround.

    User Name Cards

    To facilitate upcoming functionality, a new optional name card can be shown when clicking or tapping on a user's name in most locations throughout the system. The name card currently shows the user's name, avatar, a link to their profile, and a link to search for their posts. This name card can be enabled in the AdminCP Settings under Options > User Profile Options.

    Additional Fixes Implemented

    Attachments will now show in the Latest Activity streams when using the Web Client.
    Resolved an issue that could prevent deleting topics if the author has been deleted.
    Users could edit their status if they did not have permission to edit their profile. This has been corrected.
    Users without permission to edit their profile could not update their settings. This has been corrected.
    Resolved an issue with username links in Pinned Topic Answer posts. These links would not work properly on subdomains.
    Resolved an issue where clicking "More Smilies" in the editor would result in smilie selection disappearing.

    Hope you're ready for Spring Training 2022 – I know we (Baseball Almanac) are!


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