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  • Posting a Link problem/question

    Recently, I've had problems posting Links

    I'll use as my example.

    Previously when I used to click on the little globe/paperclip Icon, I used to get the box that would say something like 'please post the title that you want the link to appear as' or something like that. Now all I get is the little box that asks me to type in the address.

    It's not a major problem but I find things look better like this Baseball-Fever then like

    Has anyone else lost that option? Am I missing something? Could it have something to do with my Internet Explorer settings?
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    You should still be able to do that. I thought the same thing for a while but then finally figured it out. It seems one step in the old process has been eliminated, making it easier to post the link

    1. Click on the "insert link" icon (the globe thingy) and paste/enter your URL.
    2. Click the "OK" button. Your link with all the code stuff appears in the unsent message box. But notice the is highlighted in blue. From that point, don't click anything. Just start typing what you want to name your link and you should get this Baseball Fever.

    See if that works for you.

    One thing I just noticed on my messaging is I no longer have the option to change the color of my font.

    edit: Never mind the color/font thing-operator error.
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      Baseball FeverThere we go!

      Thanks Bob, seems pretty simple now that I realize what's going on.
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        For doing things manually, you'd add the "url" code in brackets, followed by the text, followed by the disable "url" code. It would look like this:

        {url=}Baseball Fever{/url}

        Except instead of the curly {braces}, you'd use [brackets].

        Same on/off type of coding for bold "[b]", italics "[i]", underline "[u]", center "[center]", indent "[indent]", images "[img]", quotes "[quote]", statistical coding "[code]", etc.

        Please note the use of "url=(link)", then the "/url" thing.
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