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    This idea came to me a while back when I was a regular poster and maybe you guys have already thought about it. My idea is that there would be sub-forums off of baseball 101 for Injuries and another one for Equipment. I only say this because I often find myself posting "hey I got a new piece of equipment" threads and later on I see that someone already made a thread about it and that has all the information I need and the same goes for injuries.

    So in short, it would make it easier i think for alot of people to sort through the huge 101 forum if we had sub-forums of the aforementioned topics. Although i doubt this will stop newbie's from posting even if there already is a similar thread in existence, i do think it would easier for other members to sort through threads.

    Again, i have no clue if this already has been discussed but personally i would love it.



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