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banning a forumer?

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  • banning a forumer?

    Can mods ban members from the site if they're being disrespectful to other members?

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    Well, suspending or banning a member is a serious step, and one not taken lightly by the Moderators and Administrators. There's usually a review of the offenses, and a warning issued before a suspension/ban is handed down.

    If someone's been giving you a hard time, then the thing to do is send a PM to a Moderator, detailing the offenses and providing links to the posts in question. The Mods will take it from there.

    Responding in kind to offensive language, disrespectful posts or the like is discouraged, as it can lead to escalation of the unpleasantness. You can place the person on your "Ignore" list, if you like,but please be sure to inform the Moderators rather than taking any further action yourself.
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      Originally posted by MapleSyrupMan
      Can mods ban members from the site if they're being disrespectful to other members?
      It all depends. Banning a member isn't something that Mods do without thinking. It is possible to ban a member, but unless they're being outright abusive, using 4-lettered words, advertising products or posting of obscene photos, banning isn't really the first alternative.

      If there's a situation where someone has done something you've felt may need attention, please get in touch with the Mod of the forum that this occurred in.

      You can either post here to describe the situation, if one currently exists, or you can maintain anonymity by PMing a Mod. Your choice.
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        Banning is a last option for moderators and admins. It has occurred four times in this month, but all four were rogue spam accounts setup for the sole purpose of bombarding the site with spam.

        I prefer, when an offensive post is made, to delete it and send a note to the member explaining our forum policy and having them read it through. It is a little like a strike one type scenario at that point. Heated debates are encouraged, but being offensive to another member is not.



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