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    Hello Admin(s),

    I'm new to Baseball Fever, joining in January, and First of all, I want to express my thanks and appreciation for the job you'ns are doing. There's a lot of robust discussion and some very colorful members, but the discussion is almost always civil and almost never uncivilized. It's a hard load to balance, and you do it well.

    I'm writing to ask you to consider adding a Scoring Questions sticky to the BB 101 forum:

    One or two umpires on Ask the Ump have mentioned that they don't spend a lot of time studying scoring issues, because they are umpires, not scorers. One poster was mildly admonished by another for posting a scoring question there (who was then admonished in turn that the facts and history of the thread are at odds with its title).

    Member Scorekeeper seems most involved with scoring issues and often answers the scoring questions to Ask the Ump and has expressed a wish for such a thread. A number of posters to the recent Scoring Question thread echoed this sentiment. That thread itself, devoted to a single scoring question, has been quite active for a while now.

    One poor fellow had to post twice, once to Statistics and once to Trivia (!) in hopes of getting a satisfactory explanation why a run scored on a passed ball is unearned, but a passed ball is not an error.

    I notice that almost all the umpiring questions are from coaches or observers who have a beef or a question about an actual call in a game involving them. Scoring, on the other hand, seems to invite speculative questions and set off associations in a way that would tend to clog the umpiring thread.

    On the other hand, a mastery of the rudiments of scoring seems to be an important part of the 101 curriculum. I think many fans feel that the rules of baseball are beautiful in their balance and logic, but at times feel that they make no sense at all. I think a sticky on scoring would enable members to enjoy and understand the game more thoroughly.

    Finally, this is one area where disputes do have an arbiter, the rule book. The outcome of an argument will be that at least one person learns something. That isn't always the case here, though the disputes are no less interesting for that.

    Thank you for your attention and any consideration you may give this request.

    Jackaroo Dave
    Indeed the first step toward finding out is to acknowledge you do not satisfactorily know already; so that no blight can so surely arrest all intellectual growth as the blight of cocksureness.--CS Peirce

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