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  • Babe Ruth info needed

    Does anyone know about Babe Ruth playing games in Texas in the early 1900s? This would have been before he was signed to the majors and, quite possibly, before he was with any minor league teams.

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    not an expert but i seriously doubt it - grew up in baltimore - lived at st. mary's industrial school and then joined the baltimore orioles - you need to ask otherwise in the history of the game forum


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      found info

      I posted on the other board. Thanks. I found a news article from 1993 that speaks about Ruth's travels through Texas. Apparently these games were exhibition games and were in 1923. I found a picture of a car owned by Babe Ruth (sorry, no link). The car is thought to be in a Ruth musuem somewhere. It was a Model T "Moon".


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        rookie signing

        i do not know much about the Babe prior to his signing in the bigs... I do have a photo of my great grandfather (Ned Hanlon) standing with Babe when he signed is rookie year contract....FN


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          Im sure Ruth may have played in Texas in 1923, he was already in the majors for over 8 years by then and well established as the best power hitter of all time. I was thinking you post was about a young ruth like 1914 Baltimore, but 1923 is far different. Frank
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