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Early Issues regarding leasing base ball grounds

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  • Early Issues regarding leasing base ball grounds

    The following is from Porter's Spirit of the Times May 1857....

    Gotham Base Ball Club - At a meeting of this club, held at 298 Bowery, on the fourth day of May, 1857, the following statement of facts and resolutions were unanimously adopted:

    Whereas, in the spring of 1855, a committee of this Club, for that purpose duly appointed, entered into an agreement with William Brown, by which this Club hired from the said Brown the ground known as the Red House Ball Ground, and the training house thereon, for the term of three years, at the rent of $100 per year, which term has not expired;

    And whereas, in consequence of a rumor that said Brown intended to increase such rent, a Committee was duly appointed by the Club to see the said Brown in reference thereto:

    And whereas, the said Committee, when they called upon the said Brown, informed him of the agreement for three years abovementioned, but were informed by the said Brown that he did not care for that - that his rent was $200 a year, and if the Committee did not choose to take it at that rent, they could leave it - that, rather than hire it for a less sum, he would turn it into cow sheds - that he had little regard for ball clubs; their patronage was not desirable; and also indulged in abusive epithets, reflecting upon the character and respectability of ball players:

    And whereas, this Club feel that they have been grossly insulted by the said Brown, and were they to continue their intercourse with him hereafter would degrade them to a level with himself, Therefore, it is, Resolved -
    1. That this Club will no longer occupy the grounds at Red House.
    2. That a Committee of three be appointed by the Chair to procure a suitable ground, for the use of the Club, such a Committee to call the Club together as soon as they are ready to report.
    3. That copies of the above statements and resolutions, signed by the officers of this Club, be sent to the New York Mercury and Porter's Spirit of the Times.

    W. H. Van Cott, President
    Charles S. Riblett, Secretary

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