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Help identify players in photo Louisville 1880

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  • bluesky5
    Some local prospects from Baseball-Almanac
    Major League Baseball Players Born in Kentucky

    A Historical Analysis / Return To Players by Birthplace
    Player Born In Date of Birth Debut Year Final Year
    Frank Pearce Jefferson County, Kentucky 1860-03-30 1876 1876
    Dale Williams Ludlow, Kentucky 1855-10-06 1876 1876
    Charlie Eden Lexington, Kentucky 1855-01-18 1877 1885
    John Haldeman Pewee Valley, Kentucky 1855-12-02 1877 1877
    George Miller Newport, Kentucky 1853-02-19 1877 1884
    Alamazoo Jennings Newport, Kentucky 1850-11-30 1878 1878
    Joe Sommer Covington, Kentucky 1858-11-20 1880 1890
    Pete Browning Louisville, Kentucky 1861-06-17 1882 1894
    Monk Cline Louisville, Kentucky 1858-03-03 1882 1891
    John Dyler Louisville, Kentucky 1852-06-05 1882 1882
    Ed Merrill Maysville, Kentucky 1860-05-22 1882 1884
    Fred Pfeffer Louisville, Kentucky 1860-03-17 1882 1897
    John Reccius Louisville, Kentucky 1859-10-29 1882 1883
    Phil Reccius Louisville, Kentucky 1862-06-07 1882 1890
    Jimmy Wolf Louisville, Kentucky 1862-05-12 1882 1892
    Tom McLaughlin Louisville, Kentucky 1860-03-28 1883 1891
    Bill Schwartz Jamestown, Kentucky 1864-04-03 1883 1884
    Mox McQuery Garrard County, Kentucky 1861-06-28 1884 1891
    Ed Kennedy Bellevue, Kentucky 1861-04-05 1884 1884

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  • bluesky5
    I'm quite certain this is the same organization that joined the A.A. Kind of like Buffalo and the St. Louis Brown Stockings ne: Cardinals did. The Browns had Ned Cuthbert running them before they joined the A.A. Can't remember Buffalo's deal but they went from like independent to the International League to the N.L. with Pud Galvin on the squad.

    Bottom right has to be Pete Browning.

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  • RUKen
    This image is included on page 13 in the book Baseball in Louisville:

    The caption in that book states that it is a semi-pro team. A few of them may have been on the 1882 team in the American Association, but the picture quality of the 1880 team is poor, which makes it tough to match up the players with other images. (You should check any Louisville newspapers from 1880 that are available online, to see if they name any of the players on the Eclipse team.)

    I will also note that, among the group of photos labeled 1871-1892 at the "historic Louisville" page you've linked to, is an undated photo (bottom left in the group of six) that belongs further down on the page. This is the 1907 team. Heinie Peitz is in the top row, far left, and Duff Cooley is in the middle row, third from the left. 1907 is the only season that they were both on the team.
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  • Bill Beru
    started a topic Help identify players in photo Louisville 1880

    Help identify players in photo Louisville 1880

    Came across this. Its says it is a team photo of the 1880 Louisville Eclipse team. Was wondering if anyone can identify any of the players? Some look familiar, but not 100% sure.

    Photo is not of the best quality, here is the link to where it is online. If I find a better copy I will share.

    Thanks for any help!

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