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Pud Galvin and Steroids

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  • Pud Galvin and Steroids

    Did Pud Galvin take steroids?

    Per author Roger Abrams, Galvin took an elixir developed by Dr. Brown-Sequard in 1889.

    It was made from cutting the testicles of animals and mixing the contents with glycerine. It was given by injection.

    Galvin's was one of the test subjects at a medical college in Pittsburgh in mid August 1889, reported the Washington Post on 8/14/1889. There is no indication (so far) that he took a treatment more than once.

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    I'm not a chemist, but it could have been a crude forerunner to steroids. I don't know what is in steroids or when the first athlete took them. I be curious to know if the elixir had any adverse effect on Galvin's performance and health.


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      364*. Kick him out.
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        It might be that Pud needed something to help his pud? That sounds like something that was done years ago to enhance a man.(you know what I mean) I seem to recall a Binkley or Brinkley ( or a name similar) who had a high power radio station Mexico in the early days before the FCC offering a similiar formula to male listeners to help them in you know what...If it sounds like I'm poking fun at you, I'm not... that article sounds interesting....


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          Here's an article on it

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            AM radio finds its place in modern media. The best darn story of the whole 20th century.

            I found an article about Dr Binkley. No one knows for sure, but maybe Pud claimed it was to help his pitching and hid the real cause? I don't think real men would admit or talk about this type of dysfunction in his day... Just a guess...


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