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    Let's take a conference champion women's college softball team and have them play baseball against an average boy's high school team. Let them play 25 times. What is your experienced opinion as to the outcome of a 25-game series?

    I don't know the answer to this, but I do know from experience that when a top 25 women's collegiate basketball team scrimmaged with a boys' high school basketball team back when this was legal by the NCAA, that the women's basketball team usually won every time, usually by 10-20 points. That's a very small sample size, and this women's team eventually made the Final Four and was ranked #1 in the regular season with a 30-3 record, while the high school boy's team went 20-9 and lost in the second round of their state regional tournament after finishing third in their district tournament.
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    Realistically ... well, there's nothing "realistic" about this whole scenario. IF... you had 3-4 players from the women's SFB team with the best arms (not at all necessarily the ace pitchers) work out AS pitchers for a year or two straight, and got a couple who could hit the strike zone reasonably adequately ... the women's team might win 2-3 out of 25.

    An average HS team is mostly made up out of boys who have already hit most of their growth spurt, so you'll have somewhat-above average athletically built HS boys .. averaging about 6-0, 170-190 pounds. You don't have many 5-4,120 pound freshmen on average HS teams.

    Players on a college conference champion women's team will be about the same height (5-9 to 5-11 maybe) and about 20 pounds lighter. That's going to manifest itself on every hard-hit ball.

    Again, assuming you could develop two or three pitchers who could get the ball decently over the plate and avoid 15-walk walk-fests and 400-foot moon shots on every pitch, you might be able to keep some games close. And the No. 3-4-5 pitchers on "average" HS baseball teams are no world-beaters either. Every so often, you'd match up the women's team having a great pitching game, and the boys' team having an awful day, and the magic would happen. Not too often, but once in a while. But 75% of the games would be 9-2 or something on that level.


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      Truly say it is hard question for me, because I need follow last game results. I watch baseball sometimes but I am not so big fan. But sometimes I check last scores on
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        I could turn this around and make it a game following college softball rules, and the fact that I have tried to hit off a female pitcher throwing 70 MPH pitches from 43 feet away. That's like a 98 MPH baseball pitch. Add to this the fact that in softball, this 70 MPH pitch can rise, move laterally, or even fall, and you can only take defensive swings and have to guess somewhat. I could hit a 98 MPH fastball when I was 20, but I could never hit anything thrown at me by a Jenny Finch. Maybe Barry Bonds could, but no high school all-star team could get more than one or two hits off a Jenny Finch, while college softball players could score runs off high school boys pitching underhand.

        The Colorado Silver Bullets showed that women can compete at somewhat below replacement level in the Minor Leagues. In the case of my high school alma mater, I could probably find 9 guys over the age of 40 in my neighborhood that could beat this year's team. It's hard to even field a high school baseball team here, because so few kids want to play baseball any more. At the same time, there will be 50 of them in spring football practice.


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