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    Hi All!

    I will write more on this later as it develops, but just wanted to announce that I will be hosting a WOMEN'S BASEBALL show (yea!) on Wednesday Nights at 7pm PST/10 pm EST on (TBD, but likely the first week of April for a debut). The show will be internet radio/video, with clips and a webcam, so you'll have to put up with looking at me for an hour a week! LOL...

    The show will be called "The Dish," and I'm kicking around a number of ideas for format. My intentions are:

    1. To show some video of wmen's games (Anyone have video from Ft. Myers last October, the USA Baseball Friendly, the Can-Am, or Hong Kong (Phoenix Cup) or any other tournaments in the last year? I will really need content and will love to give the videographer credit!

    2. To host call-in interviews with players, managers, scouts, and presidents of leagues, etc.

    3. To take call-in questions or e-mail questions for each episode. The call-ins will be via a 1-800 number.

    4. To host a segment each week on Legends of the Game, featuring interviews/stories (prob. about 5 min) from former AAGPBL players (yes, contact info or connections would be greatly appreciated).

    5. I'd also like to do a training tip of the week, possibly with video...maybe even hitting video...or even swing analysis from video sent to me by students?

    6. A "hot spots of the week" feature on Batting Cages around the country, clinics for women, upcoming tournaments, etc

    7. Once the season hits full-force, I'd like to do a player of the week and coach of the week...if I can figure out how to be fair about it.

    8. I also want to have an ongoing discussion about International Baseball (Women's development...including the new Indian Baseball Federation, the Aussie Federation, Cubans, etc. --if possible...maybe with call-ins from my former teammates or others), and drum roll please.... the Development of a Women's Major League Baseball league (as I've outlined in another post). I expect this to be an important part of each week.

    9. Lots of other stuff that comes up! Send me ideas!!! Send me video!!! Help me!!! LOL....this is my first go at this, and I'll really need all of you to help me make this successful for all of us. I certainly don't guarantee that it will be perfect, but I do think it will be a great way for us to promote our sport. I can use any help I can get... including, possibly, co-hosts or hosts for a Central and Eastern Division show. Ideally, the show would have a Western, Central, and Eastern Division rotation, and possibly a Canadian episode as well! I'll need contacts, guests, photos, video of PLAY OF THE WEEK, Blooper of the Week, etc.... Everyone who supplies me with content will definitely get credit for it on the air. I will also need sponsors for commercials for the show. This is a non-paying gig that is going to be incredibly time-intensive to do a good job with, so...sistas, I need your help. I can also use some help with some catchy graphics and a radio promo...NAE...Can you help me with some graphics (or more?) by chance? If I get sponsors for commercials, it's possible I could actually get paid (and that means other people will, if you know folks?), but don't think big money...especially at first...I know this is a labor of love and dedication to the development of the sport.

    Anyone with broadcasting, graphics, video editing experience, etc, who wants to help will definitely become my buddy! *smile* get the gist of the show (at least as I conceive it now), but I'm definitely open to additional ideas!

    Oh, and by the way, the show will be available as a free podcast for up to 24 hours following the show.

    10. My intention is to keep the program positive and non-confrontational. Although I very much believe in standing up for women's sports rights and equality, that will not be the focus of the show. If something especially toubling happens, I will reserve the right to editorialize or bring in an opinionated guest, but just know in advance...this is about promotion, publicity, credibility, information and entertainment. I'm seeking cooperation and collaboration rather than competition and confrontation.

    Well...guess that's it for now, but if you want, you can private me and I'll get you an e-mail address for content or discussion. This will be an exciting and frenzied March, but it's a great time for all of us to help SHAPE the first (that I know of) Women's Baseball Show.

    Wish me luck, and send help!


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    Hey, Tiff... great ideas! And yes, it will be a lot of work, but it will be a great thing. I can help with graphics... as long as I'm not bombarded with requests. Since I do that for a living, I don't want to be doing it every spare minute I have... but I will help with it.

    I also would love to help out with the Eastern portion (perhaps being the co-host/host/one of the hosts), but maybe after you kick this thing off. I can also help with tons of info on women's baseball, and I know umpteen others who can help with that, also. I will e-mail you names and their contact info so you can get started. There's a ton of stuff we can talk about on the show... from women's baseball history to a WMLB to youth, high school, and collegiate women's baseball to international women's baseball to the tourneys and events that have been happening for the past 15-20 years to the AAGPBL, the Bloomer Girls, and beyond.

    I'm not exactly sure how this thing is going to work from a technical standpoint, but will you have a web page/site for this broadcast that would display logos/graphics, announcements, sponsor logos, info, etc.? If so, I can help with the web page/site. It could be called the same thing as the show.

    OK, I'm pumped up!


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      I have Adobe Premiere, AfferEffects, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. for the video editing/special effects/graphics. I also have some 3D modeling programs that have animation abilities, so we could get really fancy with this in time.


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        1. To show some video of wmen's games (Anyone have video from Ft. Myers last October, the USA Baseball Friendly, the Can-Am, or Hong Kong (Phoenix Cup) or any other tournaments in the last year? I will really need content and will love to give the videographer credit!
        On the east coast alot of the major sports networks will send out a camera crew with a reporter on occasion to a regular season game. You can go onto the various womens' leagues sites and go into thier media sections and see which media outlets cover the various league and ask them permission to syndicate their content.

        SNY came out to nyc last year.


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